From nobody to her boyfriend

Over twenty years ago I could see my school from my bedroom.

The big building, huge gates and dark brown walls. It looked friendly, but impressive at the same time. I didn’t want to be at this school. I wanted to stay at the old one. Why did my parents moved and forced me to come here?

I felt so new among the kids here. No friends yet, no familiar things, nobody really knew me actually. There was only one thing that softened the pain, that girl.

You remember the first girl you truly liked?

Damn, I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I was still young, no clue about love really or about how to get to the next step. Above all, I felt insecure in this new situation, so I felt lost.

It was the first time I just sat on the floor in the middle of my room. How on earth am I going to change the direction of my life. I don’t want it to be how it is right now.

I decided I had to toughen up, at least for one day. At least for one moment. One moment of either glory or not. In our essence, we are all warriors in a new modern world. So take on the fight today.

I walked to my closet of clothes and grabbed the one shirt I felt secure in. Even kind of sexy, even though I didn’t fully understand what that meant.

I decided that today, Wednesday the 12th, I am going to chat with her and make sure she wants to meet me someday outside of school.

minimal bracelets high school

Late that afternoon we were all standing at the school-ground, I didn’t take action yet. My heartbeat was raising, I felt my breath in my throat.

Suddenly I saw my reflection in a window and I saw my shirt with Nirvana smiley looking at me. It was a reminder that worked as a coach, as a mentor, as something that gave me that little push, that made me take that first step.

I approached her, said hi and started talking. She was not only interested in me, but even asked me out on a date. She told me she was interested since the day I arrived at this new school, crazy.

Why did I wait so long? Why didn’t I take the first step?

From that day onwards we had an amazing time and I enjoyed life with a girlfriend. I build up a group of new friends and finally, my new life was cool again.

After almost a year, as most first loves go, I broke up with the girl.

That day, that moment, however, changed my life.

I discovered something new. Something simple that gave me more energy and inspiration in life.

That made me achieve anything I wanted way faster and easier than expected.

Not all ending in something de puta madre (Spanish for awesome), but OMG it brought me to some nice adventures.

Wait for the next blog called Viva España, Viva la Fiesta and you will understand why it is always important to take the next step.

Abrazo (hug),
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