Nato Straps Lookbooks

We love our watches 100% and only want the best for them. Customizing your watch, whether Swiss Made or Japanese or wherever your watch is from, is cool. But if you order online you do want to get a good feel about how a new Nato Watch Strap would suit your watch. 

We, therefore, started creating some lookbooks online. We will keep adding new pictures to the lookbooks so keep your eye on them. 

If you want some daily watch and bracelet inspiration then check out our Instagram account here. For the lookbooks check out the pictures with links below. 


Black Nato Strap lookbookgrey nato strapblue nato strap watches lookbook

History of the Nato Strap

If you want to know where the Nato Strap comes from and find out why the original nato watch band is grey, then check out our blog about the History

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