Journal — Watches

Watch styles every man should know!

In a prior blog, we wrote about the different watch types. Like the battery watches and the mechanical ones, including their variations. This time we would love to talk about watch styles. We believe the 5 styles we’re gonna talk about are the most important ones to know. Maybe even the ones that every man should own. 

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Nato Straps Lookbooks

We love our watches 100% and only want the best for them. Customizing your watch, whether Swiss Made or Japanese or wherever your watch is from, is cool. But if you order online you do want to get a good feel about how a new Nato Watch Strap would suit your watch.  We, therefore, started creating some cool lookbooks.

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Watch types explained

Real men know their art, their craft, and their passion. The Mona Lisa is awesome, but a great watch can change your life. With our Watches 101, we would like to raise your level of nerdy watch knowledge, starting with the types here and the styles later.

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