The day I had nothing but debt…

How did I get here?

I sat in the middle of my living room on the floor. I didn’t have that much furniture anymore as I sold most of it. A couch and a table with some chairs, that was about it.

I felt alone. Confused. Sad.

I felt like the loser start-up founder that saw his start-up implode and end within two months leaving me with 0 money in my bank account and a €50k student loan.

Topped with a rent due in three weeks' time I felt my life was over.

I clearly remember the thoughts running through my mind. I felt the ‘I told you so’s coming. Friends and family that would remind me vividly how they warned me not to take the risk.

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Would it have been wiser to settle for the lame attitude my neighbors have in life? A life without exploring anything else but the road to and from work? A remember the 2 hours commute from years ago.

Would it have been wiser to stop growing because my micromanaging boss wants me to? Should I have stopped learning new stuff, stop talking about exploring, just because it’s easier to not have an opinion?

Should I have settled for a mediocre life?

H*ll no!

Suddenly I remembered a decision I took 20 years ago at high-school that changed the course of my life. I immediately felt my energy rising again, my heart beating faster, my brain making new neurological connections.

I know that decision will keep supporting me for the rest of my life, including now.

Would you like to know what happened at high-school? Which small decision changed my life?

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Abrazo (hug in Spanish),
mn nato straps

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