Three Easy Morning Activities of Highly Successful People

Summer’s over. You’ve had your vacation with the wife. The kids are back in school. Now, it’s time to get your shit together and start kicking ass again in your job or business.  

A trend that we often come across is the link between having a strict morning routine and being successful. What are these big boss names doing to set themselves up for world domination every morning? Let’s delve in and find out more about these magical morning routines.


We ain’t talking about a 6am start with a couple of snoozes thrown in. Some of the world’s most successful CEO’s are waking up around 4am. What for? To answer company emails and hold meetings? Nope. For these go-getters, this is the time they take for THEMSELVES. Whether it’s hitting the weights at the gym, reading the newspaper or walking the dog, they are making themselves a priority before anything else gets in the way. 

Check out this article from Business Insider HERE for a list of the most successful early risers. 

Three Easy Morning Activities for Men


“If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail” - ever heard of this saying? Successful high-flyers put in the preparation before the practice. Using a journal, they not only prepare for the day by writing down their schedule, and daily GOALS and TARGETS, but they also mentally prepare themselves in other ways. A study featured by the Greater Good Science Center at Berkley University of California found that by writing down 1-3 things you’re grateful for every morning has proven to increase happiness, positive thinking, and motivation. Writing motivational quotes and affirmations also offer a similar effect to get you pumped up to tackle any shit that hits the fan.


‘Success’ means different things to different people. For some, it's solely about wealth, but for others, being successful means being rich in other areas of life such as relationships and family. Many successful people make sure that breakfasts are honored as ‘family time’ where they catch up with the kids or bond with their wives over croissants. Think about it, if you arrange to be home in time for a family dinner and then get caught up in the middle of a big meeting,  you will be in the doghouse with the other half when you get back home! Scheduling in family time in the morning not only improves relationships but saves them. 

Another important element to consider when it comes to developing a good, consistent morning routine is that our willpower is at its strongest in the morning. Roy Baumeister in his book ‘Willpower’ talks about how willpower depletes as the day goes on and we start to lose self-control and our ability to make good decisions. We are more likely to participate in exercise and feel motivated to tackle big looming tasks when our willpower is at its highest. 

A morning routine well done can leave us feeling recharged, re-energized and ready to take on those shitballs that come our way. It’s also a time to minimize and reduce stress. That’s why Chibuntu has created simple, smart straps and bracelets that screams professionalism and style. These small, but effective touches will make a huge difference to your confidence in the boardroom and leave you feeling ready to kick some serious ass. 

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