What are Chakras?

What are Chakras?

Chakras as we know them now are the nerve centers in our body. Our human body has over 109 nerve centers of which seven are to be known as the primary and most important centers. These we call the chakras. They are the centers of our body through which our energy flows.

Chakras are mainly being used in tantric traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, but by now are receiving a lot of attention in the western world. Being used in mediation, yoga and healing practices the chakras are becoming more famous, so to say. 

Chakras were originally not used as energy focal points in the bodies. They were first seen in Vedic literature. 

History of chakras

The Chakra system was first seen already 1500 to 500 Before Christ. It was found in the old text called the Vedas. Part of the Vedic literature. 

It originates from India and was spelled Cakra at first, however still pronounced with a ch as in the word church. Chakra comes from Sanskrit cakraṃ चक्रं meaning “wheel” or “circle". At this time it was more known as representing power and influence. Or being used as a metaphor for the sun. 

Around 600 before christ the first mentions were seen of chakra as psychic centers of consciousness. Used in Yoga Upanishads and later in Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, around 200 BC. 

Since that time in the western world it is only known as the energy centers and we mainly differentiate seven chakras.

The seven chakra’s

  • What are chakras | braceletsMuladhara
    The Root Chakra located at the base of the spine represented by the color red.
  • Svadhisthana
    The Sacral Chakra located at the lower abdomen represented by the color orange. 
  • Manipura
    The Power Chakra at the solar plexus once given the color yellow.
  • Anahata
    The Heart chakra, you guessed it, located at the heart with the color green. 
  • Vissudha
    The Purification Chakra located at the throat represented by the color light blue.
  • Ajna
    The Wisdom Chakra also known as the Third Eye located between the eyebrows having the color deep blue or purple.
  • Sahasrara
    The Crown Chakra at the very top of the head having the color violet or white.

  • Using these seven chakras in your practices can be very helpful in becoming more present, more mindful and in the end a lot stronger in achieving your goals. Before we dive into the techniques on how to use these, dive a bit deeper into the seven chakras and continue your learning journey here.

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