What is Chi?

Chi the vital life force that flows through the body. It is the energy held to animate the body internally, it is of crucial importance. In Chinese philosophy, a good flowing of Chi makes you healthy.

It is also seen as the difference between a living human being and a corpse. It is the fundamental energy that enables you to do what you do. Follow your dreams. Get up in the morning. Go surfing, whatever you do. Some people say you need work/life balance in order to feel fit and happy. The modern thoughts are changing however towards guarding you energy.

You have to get your energy inflow and outflow in a nice balance. We are believers in that too. You can work hard, almost non-stop, as long as you know you take care of your energy inflow. This might come from sleep, sports, social contact. It differs per person, knowing what gives you energy makes a huge difference in your life.

Have your Chi in balance means you are healthy. We believe it will make you capable of doing and achieving anything in life you want!

Take care of your Chi!

Chi is also the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet, but who cares.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, they have 7 centers in the body through which the energy flows. Read all about it on our blog on Chakras here

What does Chi mean?