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The NATO Strap

The Nato strap, also written as a NATO strap or called Nato watch strap, is a unique strap for any watch. If you have a bit cheaper watch like a Daniel Wellington, a mid-range Seiko, or a luxurious Rolex or Omega, a nato strap is always a good idea. 

It originates from the British Military in 1973 called the G10 strap. You can read all about it in our blog here

Its fame, however, started already with James Bond. 

James Bond Nato Strap

In 1964 Sean Connery already wore a NATO watch strap in the movie Goldfinger. It was the first Rolex Nato Strap seen and carried the colors Black with Green stripes and thin red lines. It’s the Vintage Bond NATO strap as you can see above. 

But as the television was old it looked like black with just two grey stripes. So the James Bond Nato Strap became black with grey. Funny, right? You can read all about it in our blog Will the real James Bond strap please stand up

20 mm & 22 mm Nato Strap

Now we claim to have the coolest 20mm nato straps and 22mm nato straps. We have been searching for such a long time until we got that perfect matt look. It suits so well as an Omega Nato Strap, or Rolex nato strap. 

We are even one of the most bought NATO straps for the IWC Big Pilot. Crazy, isn’t it? The reason for this is that IWC doesn’t make 22 nato straps themselves, so most European IWC Big Pilot lovers choose Chibuntu as their favorite nato watch strap. 

How to wear a NATO Strap

Now if you’re doubting how to wear on of the pretty watch straps, please have a look at our video here. We show you how to put on a nato strap, but also how to fold the end, which sometimes is forgotten. 

For more information, you can further dive into all our nato strap blogs here. Or ask us a question on the contact page.

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