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Waterproof - Durable - Comfortable

Men's String Bracelets

It's all about those little details in life. Something minimal, small, but a full on expression of your personality and authenticity.

These Men's String Bracelets are a perfect way to show who you are.

Available in many different colors combinations each string bracelet is made out of 6 strings. Because of the loose strings it's a very dynamic bracelet that looks just a tat different every day you wear them.

Solid colors, two tones and three tones

As you can see in the string bracelets collection there are many solid colors like black, red, different kinds of blue and even off-white.

At the same time we created some awesome color combinations that match well together.

Find yours, have fun!

Photo Featuring the Midsummer Night String Bracelet

Go one step further

String Bracelets for Guys

These string bracelets for guys are a great addition to any bracelet stack.

Combine them with other types of bracelets like the Men's Beaded Bracelet or one of the most minimal bracelets, the Twisted bracelets.

No limitations, no boundaries

Creating your own stack of string bracelets doesn't have any limitation. You can do whatever you want. To us this is a daily reminder to keep doing what you want in life.

Not at the expense of someones else, the opposite even. If you live life on your own terms, if you live your strength, only then will you be able to impact others in a positive way.

So combine your String Bracelets today, and live the life you deserve!

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