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Artikel: Three Lessons We Can Learn From James Bond


Three Lessons We Can Learn From James Bond

Le Chiffre: “You changed your shirt, Mr. Bond. I hope our little game isn’t causing you to perspire.” Bond: “A little. But I won’t consider myself to be in trouble until I start weeping blood.” (Casino Royale)

We all love a good James Bond movie and love watching our idol driving classic British automobiles, kicking butt and attracting some of the most beautiful women that he encounters on his missions. 

Even though James Bond may be a fictional character, he has become a real part of us as an idol and someone we look up to when it comes to being stylish, confident and cool. We can all take a lesson or two from the adventurous life of James Bond and apply it to our daily lives. So in this article, we look at the three main things we can learn from James Bond.

james bond style bracelets

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Break The Rules and Take Risks

James Bond did not get shit done and complete his missions from his comfy bed or armchair. No. Instead, he was defying death with dramatic stunts, risking his life to save others and making $40 million deals in the casino to get where he wanted to be in life. He made quick executive decisions and took risks that broke rules in order to achieve something that would benefit the greater good.

Life rewards the risk-taker. Our James Bond Nato Straps are an encouragement that the risk is worth it. Breaking the rules is sometimes essential and to always push yourself outside of your comfort zone to achieve results in life. 

2. Always Remain Calm

It’s no secret that James has gotten myself into some sticky situations. But does he panic? Does he give up? Hell, no! He remains calm, thinks rationally and always has a backup plan. He doesn’t give up until his mission is complete. Even when he is strapped to a table with a laser beam crawling up between his legs, he doesn’t freak out. Instead, he remains cool and manages to weave himself out of another death threatening scene. 

So the next time you feel that pressure or stress boiling over at work or at home, our James Bond Nato Straps remind you to stay cool as a cucumber and think rationally when solving life’s little hiccups and problems. 

james bond 22 mm nato straps

3. Dress To Impress

Ask any man who their style icon is and most of them will come back at you with this answer: JAMES BOND. Honestly, this dude is not playing around when it comes to style. He is unapologetically and effortlessly suave and stylish whatever he does. Whether he’s dressed in his iconic 007 tuxedo in the casino, training for his next task or swimming to relax after mission complete.  

He understands the importance of dressing with purpose and looking smart at all times. With the number of beautiful Bond girls hanging off his arm, I think it’s safe to say that dressing to impress works! 

Our James Bond accessories stand out and became famous when worn by the man himself in the movie Goldfinger. The Nato Strap originates from the British Military and plays an important role in the style of James Bond. In the movie, he was wearing this exact strap but due to the old televisions & movies back then, the nato strap looked more like this design. Both designs are highly sought out by James Bond wannabes all over the world! 

Get your James Bond Nato Strap today and start living your life like a 007 secret agent. 

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