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Black 20 mm nato strap
Seiko with 20mm nato strap
Rolex submariner with black nato strap and bracelet for men
Black Nato Watch Strap with bracelet for men
White dress watch with 22 mm nato strap
Omega Speedmaster Black Nato Strap
G10 black nato watch strap

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        Black Nato Straps in 20mm & 22mm

        Sometimes it is so hard to tell how a certain straps looks on your watch specifically. With this lookbook we tried to give you a good idea of how our black nato strap would fit your watch, or at least a watch that has your style. 

        Above you can see expensive watches with our black nato strap in 20 mm and in 22 mm. Omega, Tudor, Rolex and many more watches to follow that will carry our black nato strap. You can also see our Fromanteel, a dutch designed watch with Swiss clockwork. Its basic and simple design shows you how this black nato strap fits your dress watch. The quality nato truly gives this watch something extra.  

        Do I need a 20mm or 22mm nato strap?

        The 22 mm nato strap gives a bit more weight to the strap, while the 20 mm strap looks a bit more humble. This all depending on the size of your watch for example. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay you can see above is a 41mm watch that has a lug width of 22mm, hence wearing our black nato strap 22mm. Normally it comes with either a leather strap or a stainless steel one. The later stainless steel is never our preference, but that is just an opinion of course. 

        Clearly, you can’t choose which strap fits your watch, as your watch only has 1 lug width, duh. It is therefore something to take into account when you buy a watch. Most watches nowadays have either 20 or 22 mm lug width. Some watches like Tag Heuer deliver in 21mm or some even in 21,5 mm. Weird if you ask us because it limits you in putting on a different strap. It’s like Apple, trying to keep the system closed. 

        If you don’t know how to measure your lug width, have a look here and we explain it fairly easy. If not, please let us know. We can probably tell you the correct lug width by heart when you tell us which watch you own.  

        Omega Speedmaster Gold with 20mm Nato Strap

        A very special watch you can see on the top is the Gold Omega Speedmaster. Nobody truly know what it is worth as it is so special. We were lucky we could do a photoshoot with the watch and our black nato strap. Normally this watch comes with a gold stainless steel strap, but we think a nato watch strap is so much better. We do believe this one only needs a black watch strap, any other color would make it look a bit funny and kitsch.

        Divers and our Nato Straps

        If you look at this lookbook you see we are pretty fond of diver watches. You can see the Rolex Submarines, the Tudor Black Bay and a Seiko diver. A nato strap is perfect for a diver watch as it is waterproof and won’t change in look or feel. It is also very safe under water due to the way it buckles up on your wrist. Even a shark couldn’t get it off with his teeth if he wanted to. And believe us, when he sees your nato watch strap he does want to. 

        Our favourite of these all is the Tudor Heritage Black Bay with Black Nato Strap. For the simple reason that it has that vintage touch to it, while looking super sharp and brand new. It is very stylish and many people will ask you what you are wearing. Watch lovers know it is the second brand created by Hans Wilsdorf who wanted to offer a high quality premium watch for a lower price than his first brand, Rolex. We think he did an amazing job and expect that Tudor will pick up pace over the next decade. We even believe it will rise in prices, just like many Rolex’s have done. 

        Either way. We love the humble, but strong and resilient look of the Tudor in combination with our Black Nato Strap.

        Our Black Nato Strap

        You can find our black nato strap here. It now comes with a €5 discount, just because we can. We don’t offer free shipping as our premium products will all be shipped as fast as we can with track & trace so it surely arrives at your doorstep. Our Nato Straps are more than just a watch strap, they are a daily reminder for you to achieve anything you want.Life is too short to settle for anything less than your ideal life, so keep pushing and make things happen!