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Black Nato Strap

Deluxe Black Nato Straps with Unique Matt design, Ultimate Comfort and Premium Nylon. We've been very careful in the selection of our products. They need to serve several purposes for the achievers in this world. 

Durable Strong Watch Straps

On the one hand they need to be very strong in order for your Rolex, Omega, Tudor or whatever amazing watch you have to not fall off. You should be able to go diving, kitesurfing or racing, your watch should stick on your wrist without any doubt. 

Style in every situation

Secondly, they should look freakin' stylish, in any situation. Whether you are training people at the gym, walking into a boardroom, closing a deal or hitting on that pretty girl down the street, you should shine like no-one else. We definitely think this lookbook here shows you how beautiful our black nato straps are. 

A nato strap with impact

Last, but not least we believe products should have an impact. On the one hand on your resilience and potential. We believe a daily reminder like our watch straps can trigger you to keep pushing. This is your life, so don't hesitate to go for your dreams. You owe this to the world. The bigger you grow, the more you achieve, the more you can give back. 

On the other hand Chibuntu donates to good causes like the Ocean Cleanup and soon others. For this Black Nato Strap we don't have a particular cause yet, but we're thinking about it. Any suggestions?

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