It's not a bracelet, it's a statement. 

A statement of strength, style and resilience. You better watch out! 

Bold Black Bracelet

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Luxurious Bracelet with Cobra braid. Handmade from premium polyester. Waterproof and business-ready for a constant reminder to keep pushing for what you want. Bold black to remind you to make firm decisions that first of all suit you. It's your life!

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Deep Grey Bracelet

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Deep Gray Bracelet with Cobra braid for men with a mission. Looks stunning under a suit, but also on the surf board. Made by hand so every bracelet is unique. Enjoy this style together with a Deep Gray Nato Strap and live the life you want!

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Navy Blue Bracelet

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  10% to the Ocean Cleanup project   

Navy Blue bracelet for men with a strong attitude. When you see them, you know they can get anything they want. Wear Navy Blue, keep pushing and do some good! 

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Bracelets for men

Material Quality

Our minimal Bracelets for men are made of high-quality Polyester, which makes them almost undestroyable. Due to the polyester and the fine wax coat our bracelets are waterproof and can resist long ours of sunshine without changing color. Desert sun that is. 

All our bracelets are handmade with care and precision. Our quality assurance process guarantees a strong cobra braid, enabling you to wear this material while surfing, snowboarding or taking a shower. 

The look and feel of our minimal bracelets is firm and strong, and can be worn 24/7 to remind you what goal you are about to achieve, as long as you keep pushing. 

Wear our daily reminders and make it happen!


Our Polyester Bracelets for men have a Cobra braid, which makes them durable and a bit more flat for a perfect fit around the wrist.

Due to the adjustable knot it suits every wrist-size and can be adjusted to your liking.  Wear it firm and close to the wrist or wear it a bit more loose. Once slipped on and in perfect position to your liking they will hardly more position. 

The different colours can be worn separate or together as shown here. They fit perfectly with a suit, under a shirt. But just as perfect under a hoodie for the easy going days. 

Wear one 24/7 and remind yourself to be as firm as the bracelet to keep pushing for you own goals and dream. 

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