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Cleaning the Ocean, 
one bottle at a time...

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Why we need to?

During our travels around the world we were shocked by the dirty beaches and garbage in the ocean. While surfing and swimming we were surrounded by tens of empty bottles floating around. We felt it was just the top of the iceberg so we dived into it and thought about how we could help. 

We found out that there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. If we don't do something about it it will massively influence our ecosystem, destroying the beauty that the ocean has to offer. 

Our search continued and we came across an amazing project, the Ocean Cleanup. It inspired us so much that we decided to help. 

How does cleaning work?

I am very proud to announce that we are now stocking the wonderful 100% Natural Bastide Cologne - Neroli Lumiere.

Bastide Colognes are lovingly handcrafted using only natural and organic ingredients which are home grown and 100% free from pesticides.  It is gentle to the most sensitive of skins.  People with Psoriasis and even Eczema have amazing things to say about these products.

Nato straps charity

We donate 10% of Yearly Profits from our Blue Products to The Ocean Cleanup project

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    Our activities in raising awareness for the dirty oceans & specifically raising money for The Ocean Cleanup are independent of and not endorsed or sponsored by The Ocean Cleanup organisation. We donate 10% of the yearly profits generated by our Blue Products, because we feel we should help every where we can. We are a big fan of their work and have therefore chosen to fully focus on their amazing initiative that is showing to pay off.
    All pictures used on this page are copyright by The Ocean Cleanup project