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Founder story Chibuntu

The story behind the story. Some words from the founder. 

Who am I?ruben founder story chibuntu
I am Ruben, founder of Chibuntu. Dutch, 36 years old and for over two decades got lost in what society expected me to do.

I finished my university, got a good job, made some money and drove a cool company car.

On average I took 40 flights a year for the company. Worked across Europe and got to meet a lot of executives.

I managed hundreds of people and reported back to the chiefs either in London, Madrid or the Netherlands.

Fancy, right? Not really!
It wasn’t me. I was living someone else’s dream.
To cover up for not being on my own journey, I bought stuff. Lots of it. Bull shit stuff. 

The older I got, the louder my inner-voice became and I couldn’t avoid it anymore. I had to listen to it.

It was hard deciding to leave a good career behind. Going from loads to nothinstartup lifeg. From the known to the unknown. I had to jump onto my own road, though. Traveling my own journey. 

I clearly had no clue where it would bring me, but I had to become an entrepreneur. So I founded a technology start-up. I started chasing my dream.

An idea that was running through my head for quite some years. In the beginning it was pretty successful, but after a couple of years we had to pull the plug.

We accelerated into ... well, nothing. 

It felt like a failure but was actually a gift. It was part of my life bringing me closer to my true self.

Suddenly I was location independent and got the freedom to do whatever I want, wherever I want. I was not in a rush nor in a rat race.
I started traveling the world, I became a digital nomad.
digital nomad
Back in the winter of 2007 I read the Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris and being at this point in my life I thought, why not?  

So I formalized my freelance work that paid the bill so far into a real agency. It took off quickly and made me travel Africa, Asia, and Europe. Working for clients from the US to Asia. 

I was chilling in an infinity pool. Drinking beers. Working around 20 hours a week (sometimes four) while still saving tons of money.

A tropical island and nothing to worry about. I was living the dream, right?

Not really!

It still didn’t feel satisfied, I still wasn’t being me. I was getting close, but not close enough. I am not a digital nomad. I am not a constant traveler, I need a place to call home.

Upon that, I love to work hard and move mountains. That’s just me!

So I took some time off to think. "What, Ruben, what do you really want? What comes from the heart? Is there something that has been nagging all your life?" I suddenly realized. 

I know what it is, but never had the guts to start it. How on earth do you start something like that anyway?
A brand focused on wrist-wear.
It has been on my mind for so many years. Since I am a little kid, if I have to be honest. Everybody knows. Creating a new brand, not necessarily perfect or super fashionable, but chic.

Pure, simple, yet sexy. Something that makes a statement. Something that makes people stronger, more resilient towards living their own dream.

I have been wearing watches & bracelets since the first day I can remember. I am fascinated by the technology behind it. Whether it is the clockwork of a Swiss watch or the craftsmanship behind silver jewelry, or gold for that matter.

Wrist-wear to me is like a companion. Like a constant support. Wherever you go you can have a glimpse and think: yes, we’re gonna do it!

Let’s nail this thing! Nobody knows, but internally you feel empowered, by yourself. 

It’s like the invisible coach everywhere you go. We all know, our inner-voice has the right answers, you just need to be reminded to listen to it. Every single day.

You need the guts and courage to stay true to yourself. It will bring you the best life you ever imagined and beyond. 

Brainstorming about how my brand would look like. What it would be, what it would represent things fell into place quite quickly. I woke up one day, it was a very bright day, I still remember.

I was living in Lisbon towards the end of my digital nomad experience and it hit me.

The people I met over the last year that were the most happy, healthy and successful were the ones that were 100% true to themselves. Thinking about it, all inspiring people I met all throughout my life were super authentic.

Like I was until I was 13 years old when I started to drift away from my core, my me. 
No matter what nationality, what culture or religion. The ones living the high life are the most authentic. Not always friendly, some pretty rebellious. But they were always inspiring, helpful even.

Above all they were fully content with whatever they did.

I realized since I made the jump to becoming an entrepreneur I have been on a journey to find my true self. To become more authentic. 1 and 1 makes …, right.
Chibuntu was born.
A luxury brand that is focused on Empowering Authenticity!

We believe authenticity makes the world a better place. More conscious, confident and caring. More loving, free and friendly. More inspiring!

Chibuntu is a chic way of reminding you to stay true to yourself. Whatever you do, wherever you go. To just be you, always. 
Motivate yourself and Inspire others! 
Custom Sterling Silver bracelets and limited editions with your unique serial number.
I am not perfect, but I am me. I’m gonna be me and become me every day a little bit more.

I am gonna Dream big. Hustle. Focus. Find my Girl boss, hopefully. Gonna make this happen. 

Authenticity over perfection. Word!
Chibuntu started at the end of 2017. We would love our products to empower you, motivate you to be your own best version, living your own dream life. You are worth it and can make it happen, we know!

As we are creating this together weruben founder would love to hear from you! Tell us about your journey, your goals. Why you ordered your specific word. Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram
Join the movement towards a more authentic world!

With love,