Bracelets for Men & Nato Strap collections

With Chibuntu we aim to give every man a way to express himself by wearing his own style of wrist-wear. The bracelet & nato strap collections we offer are given names, but are obviously not a crucial thing. 

What is crucial is that you as a guy choose your own way of living. Choose your own goals and adventures. And choose your own style. We offer over 100 different styles and color bracelets for men and love to see how the tribe combines them in so many different ways. 

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Certain Collections do have a meaning though.

We not just invented the names randomly while getting drunk in a small bar in town. Some do have a background and specific story behind it. 

James Bond Nato Strap & Bracelets

Think about the James Bond collection for example. The James Bond nato strap was first seen in Goldfinger, that's why the specific nato watch strap got his name. Both the vintage one, as the regular one. 

Tri Datu Balinese Bracelets for Men

This one also has quite some important meaning to it. The Black brings power and protects from bad spirits. The red brings up our creativity and courage. And the white calls for spirituality and goodness. Read more about it on our blog. 

Charity Men's Bracelets

Now we also have several charity bracelets where we donate to good causes like the Ocean Cleanup, WWF, Unicef and more. The names might be Navy Blue Nato Strap or Cool Khaki Bracelets, but there is still a lot behind the combination of charity and color. Or in case of the Ocean with Navy Blue. 

Anyway. Long story short. You should live life on your own terms and conditions. Wearing exactly what you feel comfortable and powerful with. Expressing your unique authentic style. 

If there is any combination or theme missing, please let us know! 




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