Nato Watch Straps

Unique Matt Design, Ultimate Wearability
& Famous with Celebs.

Black Nato Strap

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Luxurious Black Nylon Nato Strap with square buckle and keepers. High quality and durable for every occasion, whether business or casual. Waterproof from showers to surfing. Bold black to remind you to make firm decisions that above of all suit your wishes. It's your life!

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Grey Nato Strap

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Deep Gray Nato Strap, durable high-quality Nylon. Looks stunning under a suit, but also during a party. Gray suits well with any color combination. The chic looks of the deep gray will remind you that reaching your goal will feel even better than expected. So keep pushing!

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Blue Nato Strap

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  10% to the Ocean Cleanup project  

Navy Blue Nato Strap for men with balls, for men that don't mind to be seen. A great way to look fast and resilient, while doing good. An in your face reminder that you know what you're doing! 

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Strap Material Quality

Our chic Nato Straps are made of high-quality Nylon. Nylon is durable, waterproof and fits like a perfect glove. Most Nato Straps are made of Polyester, which in our opinion is perfect for a strong every day bracelet, but not for a wide watch strap of 20 mm or 22 mm size that needs to carry your pride and companion.

The Nylon Watch strap material we choose is the ultimate 24/7 material for a Nato Watch Strap. Where leather or other materials can't be worn all the time, the Chibuntu Nylon Nato Strap shines. 

Go for a swim or catch the waves surfing. Participate in beer pong or be the chef cook. Wear it in easy moments or harsh environments, our high-quality Nylon will always keep your watch safe.  

Nato Strap Wearability

Aside from the looks, it is crucial the Nato Strap has the ultimate wearability. Not only do you want to keep your watch safe, but you also want to make sure if fits perfectly. 

Our Nylon straps are made of soft material and are 1.2 mm thick. This will perfectly fit any wrist and not get in the way of your day, nor your goals. Our Navy Blue, Deep Gray and Bold Black Nato Watch Straps come in 20 mm or 22 mm size. 

The length is adjustable to fit any wrist size and preference. Some wear it above the little wrist bone, others below.  Adjust it to your liking, change when you feel like. 

The same goes for different colours. As the straps are super easy to switch, you can adjust your strap to the occasion you're heaving. 

Just like in life, live your own lifestyle!

History of Nato Strap

The original name for the Nato Strap is the Military G10, the G10 Nato. In 1973 the strap made its debut in the British Ministry of Defence. In order to get your hands on one you had to fill in a G10 form. 

The original straps were in Admiralty Gray, the same colour as our Deep Gray straps. Pure, clean and sexy. 20mm was the only lug width available. 

The way it was worn ensured that the watch would perfectly stay in its place, where it was needed. Not long after the debut they started producing different colours and patterns like stripes to match the respective regiment. 

Over the last 10 years the Nato Strap has become very fashionable and that makes a lot of sense to us. They are strong, easily interchangeable and suit every man with a mission. 

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