We stand with Ukraine - Original bracelets


Raise Awareness & Donate!

All Net Proceeds go to Ukraine via Dutch Non-profit Giro555.nl which raised €150 million to date for Ukraine. Let's keep adding together.

Raise awareness for a useless war by wearing the colors of the Ukrainian flag. See all We Stand With Ukraine bracelets here.

  • 2 Premium Polyester Original Bracelets
  • Waterproof for Sports & Showers
  • Chibuntu® gunmetal Power Pose charms 
  • Total width 10mm
  • One size fits all: adjustable from 14 to 24cm (5.5 to 9.4 inches)
The Proceeds & Giro555

Net Proceeds mean every Euro we sell with these Charity Awareness Bracelets minus the costs of the product, packaging & shipping. This comes down to roughly 50% of sales value.

Giro555 is an official Dutch non-profit that raises money for different causes whenever it's needed. Currently, the focus is on Ukraine. In the past Giro555 has helped causes like Cycloon Birma, the Tsunami in Asia, and hunger in Africa and Jemen. 

So far we have donated €500. (Update May '22) 



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