Valentine's Day Bracelets - Dark


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Love is everything! Even though many times you're on your own adventures, nothing feels better than staying connected. These minimal Valentine's Day Bracelets are a great reminder of your loved one. Simple, minimal, and finally Valentine's Bracelets that look cool on men too.

2 x Valentine's Bracelets
  • One Dark pink, one Dark blue Original bracelet
  • Premium Polyester
  • Waterproof & Comfortable
  • Chibuntu® gunmetal Power Pose charm
  • Bracelet width 2mm 
  • One size fits all: adjustable from 14 to 24cm (5.5 to 9.4 inches)

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About Chibuntu

Chibuntu is a brand for men that aim high in life. Winners, achievers & adventurers. Read all about us here.


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Valentine Bracelets

Valentine Bracelets

Nothing better than feeling connected to your loved one with valentine bracelets.

Finding ones that look good on men too wasn;t that easy, so we created them ourselves. :-) The freedom of creation.

Valentines Day Bracelets that men also enjoy wearing. It doesn't have a heart on it, nor should it have. It's that silent connection what it's all about.

More Valentine Bracelets colors

You are of course not limited to the standard Blue Valentine Bracelets colors we offer, or the pink ones. You can mix an match any of the bracelets we offer, where we suggest selecting two Original Bracelets.

The Original Bracelets fit best on women too. They are pure, soft and long-lasting, making the perfect match.