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Product & Event Collaboration

9 Miles Car Club

9 Miles x Chibuntu®

Product & Event Collaboration

In 2022 we were asked to create a special Bracelet for a Luxury Car Club in the Netherlands, 9 Miles.

Using the colors of their club's brand we created an amazing product that not only functioned as a warm welcome for their drive. But one that connected the Club also when not being together. They also wanted to create an extra cool experience by giving each car several more bracelets that specifically matched the car's colors. Such a pleasure to do this collaboration for us.

Loved by all, worn by the club until today, this made the perfect way to keep that feeling of belonging.

See a video of the Event at the bottom of this page.

Now, that's not all that we did. Keep reading!

Event Collaboration

Go-Karts Grand Prix

Aside from organising Driving Holidays in their fast cars, 9 Miles wanted to organise a special 1-day event that brought the club together outside of their regular holiday.

We were pumped when the idea came up. A one-day Grand Prix with training, qualification and a race.

On the Go-karts circuit of Lelystad the GP became reality. It was a day organised as a collaboration between 9 Miles & Chibuntu.

With a Limited Edition Clothing line in place, we are more than ready for a next special event. So don't hold back with your ideas, and get in contact with us today.

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