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Artikel: Watch styles every man should know!


Watch styles every man should know!

In a prior blog, we wrote about the different watch types. Like the battery watches and the mechanical ones, including their variations. This time we would love to talk about watch styles. We believe the 5 styles we’re gonna talk about are the most important ones to know. Maybe even the ones that every man should own. 

The list is by far not complete as there exist so many different styles and slight changes to the styles. Let us know in the comments below which one you prefer. Okay, let’s go! 

Dress watch

The first we would love to introduce to you is the dress watch. This because if you don’t have one, get one. As the name already implies this watch should be worn below a suit and is mostly simple in its design. It has an hour and minute hands, maybe the seconds and sometimes a date, but that's it. 

They come with a very clean design, many times with a white face or another straight color. Dress watches are just awesome, they show the power by their humbleness, but those are just our words. 

A famous dress watch is, for example, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. The simplicity is mesmerizing. See this particular Rolex here. 

dress watch 20 mm strap

The other four styles could be categorized as functional watches, as they alle have their functions in life. Or maybe better said, had their functions in life. Cause let’s be honest, how many people owning a Diver watch truly dive? I don’t for example, but one day will. And when I do, I will leave my Diver watch at home. :-)

Diver watch style

Who doesn’t know the diver watch? The Rolex Submarines as one of the most famous divers ever made. Gorgeous in its design many other watchmakers “copied” the style.  

As the name already says these were originally made for diving. They were tools, not only a watch. You can rotate the bezel to the left in order to put the marker on the time you went under water. This in combination with the luminous hands you can see underwater how much air you have left and therefore time before you need to go up. 

A real diver watch should conform to the ISO 6425 standard, which means it is safe to go up to 100 meters underwater. It is, of course, crucial this watch is water-resistant and works at all times. 

Some say a diver watch can only be worn when going casual or truly diving. We think that is nonsense. If you feel like wearing it under your suit, just go for it. The looks are awesome. 

To just throw in another Rolex, check this diver watch. Do you like it? Or not at all?

rolex 20 mm sea dweller nato strap


Another famous watch style is the Chronograph watch, which combines a normal watch with a stopwatch. It is also part of the functional watches and mostly is has two extra sub-dials or three. 

It also obviously must have 2 pushers, even though some combine them into one. But usually a Start/Stop pusher and a reset pusher to get the stopwatch back to 0. 

One that we absolutely love and have on our Must Have list is the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. Their professional chronograph and the first watch that went to the Moon. We’ll come back to that one day. 

See an amazing shot below that shows clearly how a nato strap of Chibuntu fits this amazing watch style. 

omega black nato strap

Pilot watch

Now, from a watch that went to the moon to the watch style specially made for pilots. To be honest, there is not truly a one singular style of pilot watches, but what they do have in common is that they should be easy to read. I mean, you’re flying at speeds of over 700 miles an hour, so you better be able to quickly see what time it is. 

The pilot watches are very stylish, but sometimes big though, like the IWC Big Pilot, see picture below. It is a very masculine watch. Looks awesome below a suit, but you are expected to be a bit further up the ladder as it costs at least $12k. 

IWC pilot watch nato strap

Racing watch

Coming to the last style we will discuss, the Racing Watch. Again, this list is not exhaustive at all, but only sums up the watch styles you have to know as a real man. 

Who doesn’t love racing, we surely do. The racing watch style has two features. One is the stopwatch like a chronograph, the other feature is a tachymeter. It’s a bezel that allows you to calculate time and distance. 

Have a look at the Tag Heuer below. A brand that is well known in the racing industry, like all watch brands actually. Tag Heuer supports Max Verstappen with Red Bull. IWC sponsors Lewis Hamilton, and we could continue mentioning watch brands sponsoring race teams. 

We personally also have the goals to sponsor a racing team with Chibuntu®. Not in Formula 1, but in the MotoGP. We just love motorcycles even more than racecars. 

tag heuer racing watch nato strap

So, what watch style do you like most? Please tag us on Instagram and we’ll make sure you get featured if you make a cool picture of your preferred style.

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