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World Wildlife Fund

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Why we have to.

The current rate of species extinction is staggering. Birds, fish, mammels,all of them are under threat. A decline of 60% in the population size over the last 40 years. Can you imagine what happens if this continuous?

Funny thing is, we all watch and are amazed by those documentaries we see. We all love them. People that have been on Safari never forget what they saw, for many it even changes their lives to be so close to true nature. 

But it's not just the inspiration, it's about the complete balance in the world that is endangered here. It's the planet here that we need to save. 

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 How WWF helps. 

The World Wildlife Fund is stopping wildlife crime and focuses on three things when it comes to wildlife. First of all they aim to double the number of tigers. Secondly they empower people to protect wildlife themselves and thirdly they are closing Asia's ivory market. 

Doubling the number of tigers is important as one tiger saved means 25.000 acres of forest being conserved. This helps local communities, provides air, water, food and products. So it's not only to save an amazing predator, it's about so much more. 

Empowering people to us means a crucial aspect of saving wildlife. WWF works across a variety of communities and customizes their approach to have the biggest impact. As the famous saying goes: "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." 

The last goal of closing down Asia's ivory market ain't easy, but has to be done. We love entrepreneurship, but not this kind of disgrace. WWF helped stopping the legal ivory market in China and is now working hard to close down the Thai market. 

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To help the WWF we started donating 10% of our net profit from our Khaki Products to the World Wildlife Fund.

This year is the first year we added khaki/beige products, just like the green ones. So it'll be the first year we will make a donation, aiming at a minimum of $1000, if possible even a couple of thousand. 

So check out our khaki products below and help the world and local families for a better future. We've got some great Khaki charity wristwear for you, check them out here

Also check out more information on Worldwildlife.org.


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