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Artikel: Reminder Bracelets to Enhance your life!


Reminder Bracelets to Enhance your life!

Life is too short to not follow your dreams. Let a stylish men’s bracelet on your wrist help to serve as a daily reminder of your heart’s desires.

When men wear a minimalistic band on their wrist, not only does it convey style, it turns heads and sends a message that he is confident and cares about what he does and where he is in life. That he is thoughtful enough to wear that little piece of style around his wrist, whether it is just an added piece of jewelry, or something much more meaningful, such as a reminder bracelet.

A Symbol of Your Passion

Having a nice, high-quality band on your wrist to wear that is a reminder of your goals in life can be very meaningful. It is something you wear every day; it becomes a part of you, and helps you keep pushing towards your dreams and goals, whatever they may be.

Use your unique voice and translate it to that special symbol on your wrist. Adding meaning and sentimental value to a simple piece of jewelry can be a great reminder of what is important to you. It can also be a charm symbolizing something meaningful. Something understated, yet elegant. Something that reminds you to keep your goals and passions alive.

Life is short. Dare to break out of the status quo, live life on your terms and go for what’s important. Live in the now, because life is truly what you make of it. Embrace it, shake it up and make it uniquely yours! As Mark Twain said, ‘Explore. Dream. Discover.’

black mens bracelet exploration minimal

Different Wristlets for Different Lifestyles

There are so many ways you can express yourself with a simple wrist bracelet. Our stylish, minimal designs fit just as well on the beach as in the boardroom. They are adjustable to fit most any wrist. Our products show off your unique character and serve as a daily reminder to yourself to embrace what’s yours.

People will see your reminder bracelet and naturally be curious. It is a great conversation starter and another great way to remind yourself of your passion as you talk about it with others.

With a simple and stylish Ocean bracelet, you will be reminded of the calmness and serenity of the beach every day you wear it.  Our premium, wax-coated polyester bands scream minimal style, and are waterproof. So you can truly be out in the elements and not worry about it getting damaged or lost. 

Each of our bracelets have a corresponding Nato watch strap for the ultimate in style. Keep your time piece on your wrist along with it – whether they are on the same wrist or one on each.

charity bracelets for men

Our Charitable Contribution with Your Reminder Bracelet

With several of the products you can purchase from Chibuntu, a portion of the sale will go directly to charity. We donate to organizations such as the Ocean Cleanup Project, Trees for the Future and the World Wildlife Fund. We look to these different organizations as a source of inspiration in doing good in the world.

We also get inspiration from our customers. People like you who strive everyday to push for their dreams and make them a reality. Our bracelets are versatile and we hope you will wear them to help give you inspiration to keep doing what you do best.

We have our popular James Bond watch strap and bracelet that is a sophisticated two-toned black and grey design. Currently we have five other masculine colors that are well suited to complement or enhance any other color palette you may choose to wear. Both our straps and bracelets come in corresponding colors, and soon we will expand our color offering to a total of 40. Each of our woven wristlets features the signature Chibuntu gunmetal charm for added elegance

Our customers love the cool combination of both types of wristbands and appreciate the classy, yet simple design. They especially like the craftsmanship that goes into each and every single piece we sell. It is truly minimal with a message and is a constant reminds to keep going for your aims in life. This is a sentiment you can either keep quietly to yourself or shout it out to the world. It is your choice alone.

Every time you look down at your wrist, you will be reminded of what you are passionate about, and how that will translate into your everyday life. When you talk about your bracelets with others and how it serves as a reminder of your goals in life, you may just inspire someone else to go for their dreams and never look back!

To realize your full potential, to follow your dreams and give them life. To keep pushing – and never give up.

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