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Chibuntu's Social Impact

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Achieving anything you want is awesome. Going on adventures you always wanted to do rocks, full stop. Looking amazing along the way, not a bad idea of course.

But what if we could do some good at the same time? What if we could help others achieve their goals? Help others on their adventures? Their journey? That is where our social responsibility comes in. It's where the second part of our name Chibuntu comes from, you can read about that here. But first:

Let's have some positive impact together!

We donate 10% of the profit of our bracelets and nato straps to charities & social projects. We don’t just pick those causes ourselves, but as of now, let you decide. We are a brand made by you, for you. So every year and every so often we you make the decision on what charity to support.

Let us share with you some of the charities we have supported so far. 
It is just the beginning!

ocean plastic soup charity bracelet

The first charity we promoted was still chosen by ourselves, as during our travels around the world, we were shocked by the dirty beaches and garbage in the ocean. 

While surfing & swimming we were surrounded by tens of empty bottles floating around. Plastic straws glued together with chewing gum. 

We felt we had to do something, so we did. In 2019 we donated €1.103 to The Ocean Cleanup project. Continue reading about The Ocean Cleanup here.

As of now, you decide!

Late 2020 we decided to shift the way to support charities so it fits more to our brand. Which is a community of like minded guys rocking their lives, while helping others. Chibuntu is more so about the adventures you go on while wearing Chibuntu, than about the bracelets themselves. It’s more about helping others than bragging about your own achievements.

So as of this year, the Chibuntu Club fully decides. In December 2020, you together choose Trees to be the first topic to support. So the whole year of 2021 will be about planting trees. 🌳

planting trees charity bracelet

And to make a good start at the beginning of the year, without actually having made any profit (*written 7th of Jan 2021) we donated the first €100 to Trees for the Future. 

Why trees? To improve the air and increase oxygen? To have a relaxed walk in the forest on Sunday? Yes, and even a lot more than that. 

Trees have a major impact in capturing drinking water, in reducing the risk of floods or landslides. Trees and forests support biodiversity and wildlife. Last but not least, it saves lives, helps ending hunger and poverty. 

As we all love entrepreneurship our heart opened when we saw we could help by donating to Trees for the Future. Read all about Trees for the Future here


charity social enteprise

Do we stop here? No we won't! We’re just getting started.

We believe business success & social impact go hand in hand. We believe the more you grow, the more you are able to help others. A good reason to keep achieving your goals. A good reason to keep growing as a person, both in character as well as financially. 

So in the future we will donate more and more to charities that you decide! Yep, 100% decided by you. And if that’s not enough, we have something very cool coming up, where individual members of the Chibuntu Club decide what they want to support. 

So stay tuned! 

And let’s have some impact together!

Big hug, 
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