Trees for the Future

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Why we have to.

Everywhere you look, on the news, during your travels to far away destinations they talk about it. The deforestation of the world. At a scary rate of 50 soccer fields per minute we are losing we are losing a crucial link in our ecosystem. 

It's no only oxygen that trees give us. Trees also clean water, the number one natural water cleaner in the world. A bunch of trees, forests, also function as the habitat of many animals. Just like you and me have a house with a roof, forests are housing too. Trees also slow down the climate change which is happening. 

All in all, we all know trees are crucial. Not to mention the social aspect of it when it brings our families together on a Sunday afternoon. 

With the rate of losing trees, which we've seen in Asia ourselves we want to jump in. Join us in doing so!

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How Trees for the Future helps.

So let's help the world a bit, let's combine our entrepreneurial mindset and love for the world and trees. Let's donate to a cause that touches our heart and combines these things in a good way. 

Let's donate to Trees for the Future. A charity that helps locals to build so called Forest Gardens. These garden are a mix of fast-growing trees, hardwood and food crops. Done in a certain systemic way this helps families to change their lives for the better. 

It takes four years, but provides families with products to sell, a food source, fuel wood and has proven itself to help families increase their income with 400%.

Their Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to end the cycle of poverty and put an end to hunger for 1 million people, to start with, by planting 500 million trees by 2025.

That's such an awesome goal, let's help them out!

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So we started donating 10% of our net profit from our Green Products to The Trees for the Future.

This year is the first year we added green products, just like the khaki ones. So it'll be the first year we will make a donation, aiming at a minimum of $1000, of possible even a couple of thousand. 

So check out our green products below and help the world and local families for a better future. We've got some great Green Charity Bracelets and Green Nato Straps

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