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Article: How to adjust my bracelet?


How to adjust my bracelet?

We make all bracelets by hand, this means every bracelet is a little bit different. A little bit unique, like you! 

Sometimes it's tough to adjust them the first time, but not to worry. You only have the pull firmly once, and they will be adjustable easily. You can't break a thing, so just pull the bracelet firmly as you see in the picture below. 

The reason it's so tight is that it stays strong for a long time. So after it slides once, it'll be perfectly adjustable, yet stay strong to join you in your journey.  how to adjust bracelet for men


Got a bracelet with Double-Knots?

It might feel a bit tricky in the beginning, but I promise you it gets easier when you get the hang of it. 

Have a look at this video. Let me know if it worked?




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