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It's not about the bracelet.

Life is too short to drown in mediocrity; So find your essence. Live with intention & do what inspires. It's your duty to create a life worth living.

Chibuntu is so much more than a bracelet. It’s a symbol of action. A token of change. An icon of strength & persistence.

Let it represent your purpose & vision. Your daily reminder to raise your game and build a legacy.

Join the club. It's time!

The brand

Chibuntu is here for men that set the bar high & keep reinventing themselves if they have to. A club of A-players. Winners that dare to fail. Adventurers in life, achievers. Men that have a never ending need to explore & grow in body, mind and soul. Humble, yet confident guys.

We love cars, watches, sports, health, travel and sex. We develop ourselves. We can have it all, but will never be about it all. Stuff doesn't define us, actions do. We therefore put our talents to the test. We follow our passions and dare to challenge ourselves. We are dedicated to make things happen, for ourselves, and for others.

Chibuntu designs high-quality classy & sophisticated men's bracelets. Minimal, yet powerful personal reminders to never settle for anything less than what you truly desire. A simple companion on big journeys.

Chibuntu. It's not about the bracelet.

Since 2018

Founder story

Life ain't always easy, and life isn't forever. So now is the time to take action to build the life you desire.

I once was lost, very lost. My business went belly up, my relationship was over. No income, no girlfriend, no plans, no nothing.

I followed my gut instinct and started traveling the world on my last couple of cents. The plan was to do some soul searching for 3 months, it took me 2.5 years.

When I spend two months in Ubud Bali I bought myself the Tri Datu Bali bracelet and set my intention to keep following my heart, no matter what.

Little did I know, setting the intention and wearing that specific bracelet as a daily reminder changed my life.

It's all about moving forward, you see. One step at a time. Life can be tough, and sometimes you do lose track of your goals or dreams.

That bracelet was my daily reminder to keep hope, to keep believing in myself and the journey I was on.

I am ambitious, just like you. So having the right mindset is crucial. Having the right daily rituals is important. You have to keep moving forward. 

To me my bracelet has a certain meaning. When your bracelet arrives it comes with a little card where you can set your intention. Why are you wearing the bracelet? What does it mean to you? What do you want to achieve?

Let me be your accountability partner!

Brand Values


The essence of life is about experience & quality. Keep things simple, yet powerful. Do the things that matter the most to you, and do it with conviction & inspiration.

Brand Values

Personal expression

It's your duty to be you & deliver your unique value to the world & the people around you. Show your true colours.

Brand Values

Real connection

We believe only real connection matters. Connections with others, but also and first of all with yourself. Your unapologetically true self. Stay true to your own pulse, your own heartbeat.

It's not about the bracelet.

It's our mission to empower men to do what inspires.