Where style meets ambition.

Chibuntu is more than a word.
It’s a lifestyle where having the courage to live a life true to yourself and helping others go hand in hand.

It is based on the fundamental belief that life is a masterpiece and you’re the artist. You have the freedom to move from vision to reality. The freedom to set goals and pursue them in your own unique way. The opportunity to open your heart when you meet someone.
So chase those dreams. Build relationships that matter and create impact that lasts.

The Brand

Chibuntu is a brand for men that set the bar high & keep reinventing themselves if they have to. A club of A-players. Winners that dare to fail. Adventurers in life, achievers. Men that have a never ending need to explore & grow in body, mind and soul. Humble, yet confident guys.

We love cars, watches, sports, health, travel and sex. We develop ourselves. We can have it all, but never will be about it all. Stuff doesn't define us, actions do. We therefore put our talents to the test. We follow our passions and dare to challenge ourselves. We are dedicated to make things happen, for ourselves, and for others.

Chibuntu designs high-quality men's bracelets that can be worn anywhere, anytime. Minimal, yet powerful personal reminders to never settle for anything less than what you truly desire. A simple companion on big journeys.

Chibuntu. Where style meets ambition.


To be a global source of energy & inspiration so you live life to the fullest.

We're a global brand. We love to travel and go places. Chibuntu was even born during years of travel. Being part of Chibuntu means having friends everywhere. Join the Club of A-players and help spreading positive energy & inspiration.

What's in a name? Chibuntu.

Chibuntu, more than just a word. It’s a lifestyle where creating your own epic life while doing good in this world merge together. A life where everything is possible. Where confidence & awareness go hand in hand and where we all empower each other to reach new heights.

Read all about our name here.
Italian Trulli

Brand Values

Premium Quality & Service

We set the bar high, really high. We are not perfect, but strive for perfection. Our products are therefore only created from premium materials so they can accompany you in the journey you are on. We source our materials from Vietnam, Bali & Italy and work with artisans worldwide to create impeccable wrist-wear.

Premium quality to us means giving it your all, whatever you do. So our Service will never let your down.

Personal Expression

This is your life, so don’t be trapped by dogma. Every man should seek to understand himself and live life the way he wants to, in his own style. So, express yourself in what you do, how you do it and how you look while doing it. Create your own style with our premium Men’s Bracelets. Be unfuckwithable in being you.

Real Connection

We just started, and are only 1% down the road of where we personally want to be. We have a vision of connecting achievers & life adventurers around the world who don’t stop until they get what they want. Guys that at the same time understand we are all one, and feel the internal need to help others whenever they can. We believe only real connections are valuable. Connections with others, but also and first of all with yourself. Your unapologetically true self.

What do you want to achieve? What adventure do you want to embark on? Make it happen. Go the distance. We know you can!

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