About us

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn`t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

by Mark Twain

Have you ever found yourself staring at your reflection in the mirror questioning if you had enough balls to take action?

Sat in the middle of the bedroom floor exhausted and wondering if you can keep pushing? 

Woke up to realise that you have a comfortable, stable job and leading a predictable life, but know you can achieve so much more?

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I’ve been in all of these situations. Countless times I asked myself:

”What do you really want? What is your ultimate goal? What is that itch you still haven’t scratched?”

I’m Ruben. The founder of Chibuntu. I’m a go-getter. I strive for what I want and take risks, even if it means failing. 


Because life is too fucking short to sit around and watch life pass you by.

All through our lives, people come and go. Money comes and goes. Material stuff comes and goes. 

Do you know what stayed with me through thick and thin? Reminded me to keep fighting and achieve my dreams?

My resilience. My determination. A hunger to reach my goals. These are the things that we possess within us to push ourselves in life. Even when the walls are crumbling and closing in around us. 

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We all have this resilience, strength, and unlimited potential to achieve ANYTHING we want in life. Our inner warrior stops at nothing to get what he wants. But sometimes it can be a challenge to see this for ourselves when times are hard. 

We need a reminder. A silent coach motivating us to keep going and never stop. A mentor guiding us and our actions. Holding us accountable and connecting us directly to our inner warrior.

Bracelets and watches can act as great reminders to stay present, focused and determined. They are our silent mentors and companions that we wear every day to encourage us to take control of our lives, accept no BS and listen to our inner warrior while leaving our mark on this world. 

Chibuntu was born with a vision to help men tap into that endless bucket of unlimited potential they have and live life on their own terms.

We are also on a mission not only to make an impact on the lives of men everywhere, but to make an impact on this world we live in by giving a percentage of our net profit to our chosen charities that share our core values of creating positive change, going against the grind and never giving up despite failures and setbacks. 

‘Chi’ means ‘life force’ - the very core of our being. Our values. Our purpose. Our rules. It’s the vital energy we possess within ourselves to unleash our full potential. 

‘Buntu’ derived from the word ‘ubuntu’ which means one spirit, humanity. Together we can smash our goals, overcome our fears and make an impact on the world as we kick ass. As one being. 

Read our Blog about our name Chibuntu here

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Chibuntu nato straps and bracelets are designed with:


We create strong durable products with ultimate wearability. We believe that you should always live up to your strengths. Our products serve as a reminder that YOU GOT THIS. 


We believe that you should never compromise on style. If you’re going to kick ass in the boardroom and make an impression on that dinner date, you need to do it with confidence with a minimalistic but powerful product that reminds you that money may talk, but wealth whispers.


Not only will Chibuntu aim to have a positive impact on your life by encouraging you to live your vision but by buying our products, you will be contributing to the world and giving back. For every Chibuntu purchase, we donate 10% of our net profit to our chosen charities. 

Chibuntu products aren’t just ordinary bracelets and watch straps. 


They symbolize setting intentions, achieving targets and smashing goals. They represent the unity of an army of men just like you who want to win at life and are fighting with all their might to make sh*t happen. 

They act as a constant reminder of your dreams, why you need to take action to achieve them and how to own them like a BOSS.

Become the CEO of your life, take charge and give back with Chibuntu.