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How to adjust my bracelet?

We make all bracelets by hand, this means every bracelet is a little bit different. A little bit unique, like you!  Sometimes it feels the first time that it tough to adjust them, well, not to worry. You only have the pull firmly once, and they will be adjustable easily. You can't break a thing.

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How to put on a Nato Watch Strap?

Learn how to put on a nato watch strap. A video clearly showing how to put the strap on your watch and how to wear it like a pro.  It's not that obvious always, especially not when you're new to nato straps. Sit back and check it out with a nice little tune. 

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How to measure the lug width?

The 'lug width' is the internal width between the lugs of the watch, where the watch strap fits. Most common lug widths for Nato Straps are 20mm and 22mm. These widths you can find on Rolex, Omega, but also Seiko or Tudor and many more.

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