The real James Bond Nato Strap

It is probably the most asked question we get. Sometimes even coming as a critique that we named a strap the wrong way. In the end, what’s in a name, right? But still an interesting topic to finally get out of the way. 

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Bali Bracelet Meaning

During the Balinese New Year, there are tons of rituals and the night before, the last day of the year, there is The Bhuta Yajna Ritual. A procession where most villages make Ogoh-Ogoh, which are demonic statues, and show them during that procession.  This ritual is done to vanquish negative elements and create...

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What's in a name? Chibuntu

Chibuntulife, a life where creating your own epic life while doing good in this world come together. A life where everything is possible. Where confidence & awareness go hand in hand and empower each other to reach new heights. Chibuntu, a brand that inspires & guides you to...

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