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It's not about the bracelet.

Do what inspires!

Life is short, so live with intention & do what inspires. This life is yours!

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How it all started. From setting the intention to follow my heart.

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Chibuntu is not about the bracelet, it's a Club of A-players. Every month you will receive inspiration from other Chibuntics, and practical information to raise your game in every aspect of life. Join these guys & more, become a Chibuntic.






Do what inspires!

Men's Journal

Couple Bracelets

Couple Bracelets

Couple bracelets are a great way to show your partner you're always thinking of them. Each time you glance at your wrist, you'll see a reminder of the love you share.  

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Red Bracelet Meaning

I had mostly heard stories of celebrities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, wearing it. I think I knew it had to do with Kabbalism, but pretty sure Leo didn’t feel that specific connection. As a result,...

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black onyx bracelet

Black Onyx Meaning

Deep, dark, and mysterious, black onyx has an elegant, minimalist look. Worn in jewelry such as watches, rings, or onyx men’s bracelets, it’s sure to be a conversation starter.  What makes this bea...

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mens tiger eye bracelet

Tiger Eye Bracelet

A tiger eye stone carries many strong associations, including courage, motivation, and fearlessness. Tigers are graceful and powerful animals. Those who wear a tiger eye bracelet can feel protectio...

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Bali Bracelets Meaning

During the Balinese New Year, there are tons of rituals and the night before, the last day of the year, there is The Bhuta Yajna Ritual. A procession where most villages make Ogoh-Ogoh, which are d...

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bracelets with meaning

Bracelets with meaning

I’ve been wearing little ropes since I was twelve years old, and they always had a personal meaning to me. Around ten years ago I began to wonder if there was a deeper significance to bracelets wit...

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