Black Onyx Braceletblack onyx bracelet
Natural Gemstone
Tiger Eye Bracelettiger-eye-bracelet
Natural Gemstone
Moss Agate BraceletMoss Agate Bracelet
Natural Gemstone
Sodalite BraceletSodalite Bracelet
Natural Gemstone
Amethyst braceletAmethyst bracelet
Natural Gemstone
7 Chakra Bracelet Natural Gemstones7 Chakra Bracelet Natural Gemstones
Natural Gemstone
indian agate braceletindian agate bracelet
Natural Gemstone
white howlite bracelethowlite-bracelet
Natural Gemstone

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Gemstone Bracelets

Pure Nature, Pure Energy

Natural Gemstone Bracelets

A gemstone is miniral crystal and also known as precious stones, jewels or fine gem.

There are many different gemstones as you can see above that are used for our bracelets. Every gemstone bracelet has it's own unique effect on the body, mind and soul.

In our Journal we write a lot about the natural stone bracelets and their specific effects. We invite you to dive into it and find your perfect gemstone

Healing Gemstone Bracelets

Some are said to heal you, other to give energy. Several have the effect of bringing balance and peace in life. While others absorb any negative energy your are surrounded with.

Find your own Natural Stone Bracelet

We already offer several natural stone bracelets for men, but will keep adding in the future. Get involved in our Journal, we'd love to hear from you.

Read our Journal here.

Keep the energy high

Cleaning Gemstone Bracelets

Not only do the gemstone bracelets look great, but they also have their own specific effect. On the body, the mind and the soul.

So it's double important to clean the natural stone bracelets. To keep them clean so you can shine from a fashion perspective in your own unique style.

And to keep the effect of the gemstones. You want to keep them clean so their powers stay in full effect.

Clean gemstone bracelets with water

When cleaning your gemstone bracelets only use water. Do NOT use any toxic or other fluids. Just pure water will do.

Read all about Cleaning Gemstones here
Gemstone Bracelets