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Chibuntu Exclusives

The Exclusives series of Chibuntu are Limited Edition minimal men's bracelets with a touch of luxury.

The luxury details we use are 925 Sterling Silver and 18K Gold. The best materials sourced from Vietnam and made with care by our artisans.

You can have it all, as long as you're not about it all!

We thoroughly believe you are here to shine and make this life your masterpiece. The Exclusives are daily reminder to never forget that you are the artist of your painting. You're the hero of your book. The main character in your movie.

So don't hold back now, but move forward and reach the top!

Chibuntu Exclusives packaging:
- Black Envelope with Gold coloured logo
- Polish Cloth to keep the precious metal shining
- Black Bracelet Pouch to store your bracelet
- Special Exclusives Thank you card
- Card with motivational quote & open space to set your intention

Take the first step now on your journey and keep walking. You won't regret it!