More Blue Bracelets for Men

We also have an amazing vibrant Sky Blue Collection, or the Royal Blue Collection for the classy men.

Scroll down and check them out.

Light & vibrant blue

Sky Blue Bracelets

For the royals among us men

Royal Blue Bracelets

Men's Blue Bracelets

A blue bracelet is something different. It comes in so many different blue shades that you really need to find your own style.

Navy Blue Bracelets

The Navy Blue collection has a reference to the ocean, to the navy seals. To men that dare to conquer the oceans. It's darker, just like the sea.

Sky Blue Bracelets

The Sky Blue collection has a vibrant and light blue. Some call it baby blue, others just plain light blue. We absolutely love it! It is such an outspoken and fresh colors it just screams high energy and kidlike curiosity. Check them out here.

Royal Blue Bracelets

This classy color blue is for royals they say. The reason behind it is because it was very hard to make back in the day, thousands of years ago. So if you're looking for an exclusive blue bracelet color, look at the Royal Blue collection here.

Find you style, chase your ambition!

Two & Three Tone Blue Bracelets

At Chibuntu you can truly find your style. Cause it's not about the bracelet, but it's about you. You achieving your goals. You chasing the vision you have for life.

Two Tone Blue Bracelets

So we also used blue in several two tone or even three tone bracelet collections.

The Baby Bond Collection is definitely worth looking at. Blue, black and white combined.

Or the Midsummer Night Collection where we use Royal Blue to create an amazing vibe.

Or, last but not least, if you dare. The Polarity Bracelet Collection where boyish blue is combined with girlish pink.

Photo Features the Baby Bond Beaded Bracelet