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Purple Bracelet

There is something unique about a purple bracelet. Cause back in the day it was a color that was very hard to produce. The purple dye was expensive, and therefore expressed luxury and success.

It was worn by many royals, both the beaded purple bracelets as the string purple bracelets as we offer. It was a status symbol, and made the owner stand out from the crowd.

Purple is made by combining blue and red. Depending on how you dial up one or the other the purple can get a more bluefish, or darker towards red. Our purple bracelets are spot in the middle, to give it that super clear and vibrant purple look.

Purple Bracelets by Chibuntu®

We offer 5 different purple bracelets for men. The majority being the true minimal bracelet style you are used to with a nice 1 or 2mm width.

Then we also have Purple Cobra Bracelet, which measure 5mm. All of these bracelets are waterproof and sweatproof, making a perfect match to go on a sailing or surf trip. Not to forget a nice hike in the mountains.

Is it still seen as a status symbol, we don’t know. What we do know is that is a men’s bracelet that stands out, and has class. A true gentleman’s bracelet.