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Men's Red Bracelets Meaning

The red bracelet has so many meanings and is a very powerful daily reminder. It is worn by celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, which you can read here. Both men and women like to wear the red string bracelet, think about Madonna for example.

Men's Red Bracelet

A men’s red bracelet however is hard to find, so we're thrilled to add one to our collection. Only true red counts for its meaning, which is said to bring luck, protection and connects you to your loved ones. Read all our blogs on the red bracelet here.

Red Bracelet Meaning

Or, if you’re not so much a men’s bracelet wearer, give your girl the bracelet and see her shine and tell her about the meaning behind the bracelet. She will love the extra time you took to find her the perfect gift.

And on the plus side, women tent to steal our men's bracelets anyway, so it's just kind of a shortcut. :-)

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Men's String Bracelet

Chibuntu Exclusive Red Bracelet

You on your journey in life, aiming high, working hard. You have a vision for the future and you're not letting go until you get there.

Then this is the ultimate daily reminder for your. Men's String Bracelets that energise & motivate you each and every time you look at it.

Waterproof, Durable

The good thing, you can wear these men's string bracelets 24/7. They are waterproof and have the Power Pose charm in Premium 925 Sterling Silver. So if your goal is the marathon, this will be your companion.

If your goal is in business, then this will be with you until you made it to the boardroom. Or if you want to catch waves, then these men's red bracelets work perfect for the surfboard too.

Whatever you do in life, do it your style.

Chibuntu® - Where Style Meets Ambition!

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