Lucky Red Bracelets

Men’s Red Bracelet & Red NATO Strap

The red bracelet has so many meanings and is a very powerful daily reminder. It is worn by celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, which you can read here. Both men and women like to wear the red string bracelet, think about Madonna for example.

The Red Bracelets for Men

A men’s red bracelet however is hard to find, so we're thrilled to add one to our collection. Only true red counts for its meaning, which is said to bring luck, protection and connects you to your loved ones. Read all our blogs on the red bracelet here.

Red NATO Strap

You also know we are the only ones creating men’s bracelets in the same style as the NATO straps we so much love. So our red string bracelet can perfectly match the Red NATO strap we have for the real dare-devils. You can find our Red NATO strap here. Match it to any red bracelet you like and you’re sure you’ll stand out from the crowds.

Connection Red Bracelets

Or, if you’re not so much a men’s bracelet wearer, give your girl the bracelet and wear the NATO yourself. To us, this still counts as showing the lucky red bracelet connection. We’re flexible, we know you are too.