Handmade Displays

Wooden Quality Displays

A handmade display perfect for every shop counter. Cross-selling made easy by perfectly matching your customer’s suit, sweater or any fashion item he bought. 

A great conversation starter with so many meanings behind the bracelets.

The display lends itself to show different styles & colours and won’t be missed by any customer.

Made by hand with solid wood it will stand its ground like the men wearing it.

Sell what sells - learn & improve

Take control

Starting off with a set of best sellers, you are encouraged to improve along the way. 

Every retailer can freely learn & finetune their Chibuntu® proposition.

Match your collection, listen to your customers or just follow your gut.

Your store is yours for a reason and it should stay that way. We have over 200 styles & colours available so together we can create the perfect product range for you.

Attract attention to specific bracelets. 

Highlight Products

In the front of the display you can attract special attention to a certain pack, style or Chibuntu Exclusive.

Special Bracelet Packs

We offer special packs online that make the perfect combination to easily upsell to a bigger pack.

Social Enterprise

There is always something special with Chibuntu. As a Social Enterprise we sporadically offer special packs that support a good cause, like recently the Stand With Ukraine bracelets. 

Chibuntu Exclusives

We offer our minimal styles also with Silver & Gold Power Pose charms. A humble bracelet with a touch of luxury, perfect to showcase on the special spot.

Not just a bracelet

Show Packaging & Branding

Chibuntu is not just a brand, it’s not even about the bracelet. It’s about that daily reminder to live life to the fullest. It’s made for achievers & adventurers, that dare to go the distance. 

Showcasing the packaging and branding not only helps selling our bracelets as a gift, but also points out that it’s not just a bracelet. It’s a statement!


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