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Custom Bracelet Club

Join for free today & order your Custom Bracelets next week.

You will be able to select the style & combine the colours you like to create your unique bracelet. You can choose from 23 different colours, which means over 4000 unique colour combinations per bracelet style. Upon that you can select the Gunmetal Power Pose charm, or go Exclusive with the 925 Sterling Silver Power Pose. It’s fully up to you!

Why are we doing this? Cause we got tons of guys asking for it, so we listen. Chibuntu is not just a brand, it’s your brand! Together we’ll create the bracelets we want. We're just getting started. :-) 

Some ideas we got from those requests:

  • Wear unique colours together with your family.
  • Perfectly match the colours of your watch, truly making it stand out.
  • As a memorial bracelet to always be reminded of a loved one.
  • Worn by a sports club training together for a massive goal.
  • Just because it is your favourite style and you deserve to be fully authentic

Find a FAQ below and don't hesitate to send us a message.


You can subscribe until the 26th of April to join this round of the Custom Club. Don't miss out!


Frequently Asked Questions 

So how does it work?

Pretty simple. If you subscribe to the special Custom Club list above you will be invited to place your order next week. It will simply be via a special product page where you can select the style & the colour combinations you want. 

What's the price of a Custom Bracelet?

The price of each bracelet will be €4 higher because we have to create each and every bracelet by itself. A process that is of course a lot less efficient as we are especially creating the bracelet for you. As a one-off, completely unique.

There are volume discounts which you can find in the F.A.Q. below.

Which styles will be available?

Because this is the first time we offer Custom Bracelets, the following four styles will be available to finetune: Cobra, Twisted, Original & Flow.

Can I combine my order with standard non-custom bracelets?

Yes, you of course can. We will, however, ship your goodies together with the Custom Made bracelets. So if you want them quicker, make a separate purchase.

Shipping times & the timeline?

Because we will be creating tons of custom bracelets, made by hand in Vietnam & Bali, some even including the 925 Sterling Silver Power Pose charm it will roughly take 3 to 4 weeks before we will ship your custom bracelets. This is not a quick snack, this is a Club's Exclusive. We hope you want to take part in it!

Delivery times when shipped will depend on the carrier you chose during check-outs, which will of course be free above €75. 

You can order your custom bracelet from the 26th of April until the 3rd of May. We expect to ship your goodies towards the end of May, having it arrive just before summer holiday in the first half of June.  

Is there a volume discount? Yes!

Yes, because producing in a bit higher volume helps us work more efficiently. So there will be some discounts:

- 10% off if your order more than 5 bracelets
- 15% off if your order more than 10 bracelets
- 20% off if your order more than 20 bracelets
- 25% off if you order more than 50 bracelets

So order a complete pack for the whole family, team or office. Or just get yourself a big stack of unique custom coloured bracelets just for you. 

If you have any questions? Please contact us below!