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Take inspired action.


Increase the sense of belonging for your community

Our bracelets are more than just a fashion accessory; they serve as daily reminders to stay motivated and positive. To feel empowered, capable. To have a sense of belonging, even when not side by side.

It's our mission to empower guys to take inspired action. Does this align with your vision & mission? Then we would love to work with you to increase the sense of belonging of your community 24/7. By collaborating with us, you can offer unique bracelets to your community and boost their loyalty to the group, the mission and your brand.

The Benefits of a Bracelet:
- Creates a sense of belonging
- Unique Daily Reminder of your message / mission
- Increased Brand Loyalty
- Increased word of mouth

We co-create a unique bracelet with you matching your brand & mission. We together design the bracelet, charm, packaging and the experience to make it fully yours. Anything is possible.

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9 Miles Luxury Car Club
Event Collaboration

9 Miles Luxury Car Club

Together with 9 Miles we developed a special bracelet for their club to stay connected. Upon that we collaborated in organising an invitational Grand Prix Event.

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