How to deal with the ends?

There are tons of ways to deal with the ends, everyone has their own style, their own way. We would like to show you the three most common approached to dealing with the ends. But don't let our thoughts limit your own creativity. 

We call them the Boxer, the Speedo and the String. :-)

The Boxer - Chill & Relaxed

Just let it hang loose, like a boxer short. Made out of soft material it won't disturb or scratch anything. It is the way it arrives. Relaxed, confident and chill.

boxes bracelet style

The Speedo - Tuck them in

Tucked in around the bracelet. My personal favorite. It keeps it nice and tight, while you can still put it on & off whenever you want. 

tucked in bracelets for men

The String - Lock it up

Lock that bracelet, fix it to the wrist. As Chibuntu bracelets are a daily reminder to reach your goals, go on that amazing & daring journey, or to remember a loved-in, you can also fix it to the wrist. Read on how to fix your bracelets, but also what's at stake. :-)

 Important!  Changing the bracelet is at your own risk. Changing them in any way will immediately stop the warranty. It's pretty easy to do, but we have seen people scr*wing it up. So, if you follow The String approach, know it's your risk. 

It is done by creating two new Knots on both side of the Big Sliding Knot. Make sure you create those knots on the right spot so that it perfectly fits your wrist.

When you create the new knots you have to melt the Wax a little so that the new knots become strong & secure. Without melting it we're pretty sure the knots will go loose & the bracelet will be gone soon. 

The approach is the same as shortening the ends which you can see here. The only difference is that there won't be any ends of the bracelet left, so adjusting it will be impossible.

Again, cutting, melting or changing the bracelet in any way means losing the warranty. I guess that makes sense. 

Enjoy choosing & creating your own style!


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