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black onyx bracelet

Black Onyx Meaning

Black Onyx Meaning

Deep, dark, and mysterious, black onyx has an elegant, minimalist look. Worn in jewelry such as watches, rings, or onyx men’s bracelets, it’s sure to be a conversation starter. 

What makes this beautiful black stone? What does black onyx meaning carry? Does wearing it bring benefits? What associations does it have?

Those are a few of the questions you might get when wearing the elegant and sleek black stone. To learn more about its ancient meaning, read on. Take part in everything. From cocktail party banter to serious questions about the stone's meaning.

What is Black Onyx and What is its History?

Black onyx is a type of chalcedony, a type of silica mineral. Onyx comes in a wide range of colors. This is virtually every color but blue and purple – and some onyx comes with streaks of black or white. Most people, when they hear the word onyx, think of a deep black stone.

Excavators find Onyx in mines around the world. These include locations in:

  • Yemen
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Uruguay
  • China
  • the Czach Republic
  • Canada
  • India
  • Germany
  • Indonesia
  • Madagascar
  • Parts of Latin America
  • The United Kingdom.

In the United States, Arizona has onyx mines in Prescott, Mayer, and Ash Fork.

We can find this stone throughout history in items as tiny as beads for jewelry and as large as statues in temples and public spaces. The beauty of this dark stone and its benefits span the ages.

Black Onyx’s Colorful History

The love of this luxurious stone is as old as history itself. Examples of black onyx jewelry and artifacts date to Minoan times, and we find examples on the isle of Crete. In ancient Egypt, the Egyptians carved onyx into bowls and other vessels. Pliny the Elder discussed treatments involving onyx in his Naturalis Historia.

Black onyx’s spiritual significance stems from religion. In the New Testament book of Revelation, onyx is the foundation of Heaven. In the Bible’s Old Testament, priests named it as part of their clothing.

In more recent history, Brazilians shaped green onyx into Art Deco sculptures as well as trays and jewelry dishes. This was a common trend in the 1920s and 1930s.

Both the Hotel de la Paiva in Paris and the new Mariinsky Theatre Second Stage in St. Petersburg featured yellow onyx décor. Onyx’s smooth elegance and deep colors made it a natural part of Art Deco in the early years of the 20th century. This was largely due to its clean lines and elegance.

Collectors prize this stone in the art world for its smooth, dark beauty. They also admire the dramatic look it lends to sculpture, décor, and jewelry. Its elegance would be enough to interest collectors, but the mysterious stone may also have powerful benefits for those who wear it.


Black Onyx Stone Properties and Benefits

Black onyx is not only beautiful, but its spiritual meaning brings benefits to the body and spirit of those who wear it. Here are some of the properties and benefits of wearing this elegant stone:

Greater Grounding

Onyx provides a grounding. Black onyx provides the highest degree of grounding to the body’s root chakra. This is also known as the grounding center. This grounding is helpful when meditating.

The black stone tempers the emotions of those who wear it. The dark stone may even have positive, elated feelings with a dose of reality and lift negative emotions. This stone may bring calm and tranquility.

Balanced Emotions and Calmness

Black onyx balances conflicting drives and emotions, bringing a sense of calm to its wearers. Many people associate the beautiful, dark stone with steadiness, trustworthiness, and fidelity. It is also associated with good judgment and fortune.

The stone gives steadiness of spirit to those whose emotions have highs and lows. This balance suggests zen-like tranquility and a greater sense of calm. Believers also claim it lessens anxiety.

Strengthened Commitments

Those setting out on a literal or figurative journey should wear this stone for strength and the commitment to stay on their chosen path. This dark onyx could bring an entrepreneur luck as well as judgment. It may strengthen fortitude and commitment to change.

Do you have problems making decisions and sticking to them? Black onyx could bring you more dependability and stronger willpower. Just looking at a black onyx bracelet on your wrist could be a powerful reminder of a chosen course.

Trust and Attraction in Relationships

In relationships, this stone symbolizes commitment, faithfulness, and trust. The dark stone strengthens bonds between friends and lovers. Believers also claim it increases the attraction between romantic partners.

For this reason, lovers, spouses, and close friends often choose to wear black onyx bracelets. This is a beautiful symbol of their commitment and loyalty to each other. Try wearing beautiful black onyx bracelets when with your partner. This may aid in increasing the attraction between you and your love interest. When apart, the lovely dark stone can make the heart grow fonder.

Protection from Harm

Spiritually, the dark stone may guard emotions against harm. Owners can wear it as a charm to provide protection and good fortune. It may provide willpower and the ability to defeat all opponents. Those facing fierce opposition could wear these elegant bracelets as a shield from harm. The stone could work as a form of strength to fight physical and spiritual enemies.

Those who may be in physical or spiritual danger could wear black onyx as a symbol of protection. It may also be a catalyst for strength and protection in battles.

Spiritual Black Onyx Meaning

The spiritual black onyx meaning is as deep as its color. The stone awakens potential in individuals and sharpens their intuition and judgment. For those facing challenges, this onyx brings strength and clarity. The chalcedony brings protection from dark forces.

Here are some of the spiritual benefits of wearing the dark stone in jewelry such as black onyx men’s bracelets:

Dispels Evil and Temptation

Repel evil spirits and temptations with black onyx. This beautiful stone gives its wearers the strength to battle temptation and win. The stone can be a meaningful reminder of a clear goal and your strength of conviction to keep your promises. These stones can be a powerful tool in breaking a bad habit.

Black Onyx Promotes Spiritual Healing

Another benefit to wearing this stone is spiritual healing. Since black onyx is a powerful grounding force, the stone connects your soul to the earth. For meditation, it may center its wearers and connect them with Planet Earth. It will awaken the senses, including psychic ones, and the third eye chakra.

Protection from Negative Energy

The dark stone may protect its wearers from the negative energy of people around them. People in toxic environments surrounded by others who have a negative mindset may find protection in black onyx jewelry. This could be a ring or bracelet.

Stronger Sensory Organs

This stone doesn't only help the wearer with spiritual healing. It may also boost the healing of the sensory organs. It's especially effective in auditory healing of hearing disorders and tinnitus. Physical hearing, as well as spiritual understanding, may improve with this stone. This is an essential part of its spiritual meaning.

Increased Immunity

Black onyx boosts the immune system and physical stamina as well, its wearers say. Not only does it strengthen the spirit, but the body as well. Wearers of the mysterious stone may be safer from disease and may have more energy.

Stronger Bones

Wearing this onyx may benefit bones, teeth, bone marrow, soft tissues, and muscles. Believers state that this stone increases cell regeneration and also acts as a fortress against relapses of diseases. Those who are in remission can try black onyx jewelry, which may guard against a return of their illnesses.

Do you want a stronger backbone? Wear black onyx for strength.

A Reminder of Spiritual Protection

Black onyx’s deep, mysterious shade can be a spiritual reminder that, in the dark of night, its protection is close at hand any time you wear it.

Combined with Other Stones

Black onyx is beautiful and strong on its own, bringing simple elegance. It is also believed to bring physical and spiritual benefits such as balance, strength, and commitment. Yet, the dark stone also plays well with other precious stones. The strength and dark beauty of this stone combine well with other stones for stunning jewelry and many benefits for the body and soul.


Black Onyx Bracelet

One of the best ways to wear this dark onyx is in a black onyx men’s bracelet. Its dark, mysterious color matches with some clothing and accentuates others. Black onyx men's bracelets are never a bad choice due to their versatility. The onyx is smooth, elegant, and understated, but it always conveys luxury, taste, and power.

Here are some benefits to wearing a black onyx bracelet as part of your signature look:

Black Onyx and your Pulse Point

A black onyx bracelet places the physical and spiritual powers of this stone by your pulse. Wearers believe that the pulse amplifies the effects of black onyx. This may aid in higher cell regeneration, immunity to disease, and stamina. The onyx near a pulse point can put the stone closer to the bones and bone marrow it may strengthen.

Bracelets Remind You of Its Power

A black onyx bracelet is a reminder of the metaphysical powers of the dark stone. Seeing an onyx bracelet reminds wearers of the stone's spiritual meaning. Strength of commitment, decisiveness, and sound judgment come to entrepreneurs through this powerful stone.

Bracelets Symbolize Romantic Commitment

For those in relationships, black onyx bracelets can symbolize a few of the following:

  • Attraction
  • A stronger bond
  • Faithfulness
  • Fidelity

This Stone May Bring Healing

Those in need of healing may have a visible and elegant reminder of the protection that this mysterious stone brings. The healing that this stone's jewelry may promote can also be spiritual or emotional.

Break Bad Habits with the Help of Black Onyx

Likewise, people who are trying to break bad habits may gain clarity and decisiveness as well as stronger willpower from this onyx. Wearing a black onyx bracelet can help wearers remember their goals for healthier habits or for giving up bad habits.

This Stone can Symbolize Friendship, Too

Friends who share a commitment, or are accountability partners, may want to wear bracelets as a reminder. This can represent the bonds of friendship and how they strengthen each other.

Black Onyx is Beautiful

Of course, there is also the beauty of this elegant stone. Black onyx is dark, elegant, and mysterious on its own when worn as a bracelet. It also is stunning when worn with other precious stones.

Diamonds are often seen paired with black onyx. The dark chalcedony sets off the light and fire of a diamond. This stone can also be combined with other colors of onyx.

Romancing the Stone

Black onyx’s dark color makes it a stone that people have desired for centuries. Crafters have made jewelry, bowls, vessels, and statues from this stone as well as other colors of onyx. We see the opulence of ancient Egypt in the elegance of the dark onyx. This is common in jewelry such as black onyx bracelets, but the precious stone is at home in modern settings, too.

Collectors have prized this dark chalcedony for millennia. Its beauty as well as the grounding, healing, and strength it provides makes it beneficial. Today, the simple elegance of this natural stone is at home in jewelry including black onyx men’s bracelets.

Wearing black onyx not only adds minimalistic luxury to your look, but it keeps the power of the stone close to your pulse and in view. This reveals its power to you and will also start conversations with those who admire your bracelet.

Now, when someone asks you about your eye-catching black onyx bracelet, or the black onyx meaning you can tell them more about it. Share its beauty, and spiritual meaning with the world.


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Black Onyx Meaning

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