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Tiger Eye Bracelet

Tiger Eye Bracelet

A tiger eye stone carries many strong associations, including courage, motivation, and fearlessness. Tigers are graceful and powerful animals. Those who wear a tiger eye bracelet can feel protection and strength.

Natural stone bracelets are not only for women. Our men’s bracelet tiger eye model amplifies yang energy, making it an ideal choice for men. Read on to discover everything about the Tiger Eye bracelet, or immediately get your own here.

Tiger Eye Stone History

The appearance of tiger eye stones dates back to ancient times through many cultures. For example, take ancient Egypt. Pharaohs and high-ranking aristocrats wore these popular stones. They believed that they harnessed the midday sun’s rays and power for strength and vitality.

There is also ancient Chinese folklore. The tiger symbolizes protection and is a prominent element of Chinese astrology. These residents carved tiger eye stones for amulets to wear as a means to scare off evil spirits.

During Roman times, soldiers would wear this stone during battle. They believed it brought protection to safeguard them against death and injury. Tiger eye would also help them be strong and brave.

History notes a discovery of the tiger eye stone in South Africa in the late 1700s. It quickly gained popularity and was mined in Russia, Australia, Mexico, and others.

mens tiger eye bracelet

Tiger Eye Stone Meaning & Properties

Precious stones hold deep meanings for those who use them. Many believe that they contain properties that benefit the person wearing the stone. This makes them desirable in many different parts of the world.

Physical Properties

It uniquely resembles a tiger’s eye. Thus, many believe this stone offers many of the similar characteristics. Some common traits include dominance, independence, and increased agility.

The Romans and Egyptians especially held close to these beliefs. Because of this, they utilized the stone as often as possible.

This stone looks just like a tiger’s eye. It has golden and brown hues that you would see when staring into the face of this magnificent animal.

It’s a type of quartz gemstone. Quartz can take on various appearances. This depends on the amount of iron that dissolves when it forms over crocidolite.

Some variations of tiger eye will carry blue or dark reddish-brown shades. In some instances, introducing nitric acid or heat can lighten darker stones. Doing so gives them a brighter, lustrous shade.

Tiger Eye Bracelet Meaning

Simply put, the tiger eye stone carries a meaning of courage, strength, vitality, and power.

The meaning is much like the persona of a great tiger in the wild. Wearing this stone could help block out bad energy and increase your internal power. It can also provide help when facing roadblocks in life.

Many feel it embodies the characteristics of an actual tiger. It makes sense then that you can use it to develop a stronger sense of self. You can experience yourself at optimal happiness and optimism. Even better, enjoy an all-around peaceful state of expectation.

This amazing stone carries several other beautiful meanings. Many of these include:

  • Positivity

  • Creativity

  • Good fortune

  • Courage

  • Strength

First, it can help shift your thinking completely and change unhealthy thought patterns. This way, how you perceive life and yourself will come from a healthy place of warmth, love, and abundance.

Additionally, you will be able to think through problems in your life with great clarity. You can find solutions to the toughest challenges. Finally, you will naturally find the ability to remove negative thoughts.

The Tiger Eye stone radiates positive vibrations. Thus, it can assist you in tapping into your best self. You will have access to your creativity along with any hidden goals or potential.

Things you want to get done are always one step closer when wearing this mystic stone. Your feelings of doubt can disappear. Then, a thirst for taking action on ambitions with positive intent will follow.

For centuries it has been believed the Tiger Eye stone can also help bring good fortune and wealth. This gem can help whether you are a business owner or someone who wants to improve their finances. Tiger eye can lead to luck and affluence! Plus, some believe that putting it in doorways allows success to flow inside.

tiger eye bracelets mens

Emotional Health Benefits

The magnificent tiger eye stone has several emotional health benefits. It helps to clear the mind when seeking clarity and also aids in decreasing levels of anxiety. It is also great for relieving stress and tension. It assists in balancing emotions within the body.

This lustrous gemstone can strengthen your confidence and improve your self-esteem. It will also protect against toxic energy. With the ability to protect against unwanted or negative thoughts, you can become more focused on what is suitable for you in your life.

The ability to become more insightful is strong with this gemstone. You will be selfless, aware, and show great concern for yourself and those around you.

Concentration can also become more potent with this clarity and focus.

If you are dealing with depression, the tiger eye stone can help to brighten your mood. Many believe it harnesses the sun’s energy, thus providing you with an incredible feeling of warmth and a positive attitude.

When you feel as though life is overwhelming and full of stress, this stone can assist you in centering yourself. It can help you connect to the central part of your inner-self. Then, it will shift focus to the positives instead of the negatives surrounding you.

Also, this element allows the mind to open and find viable solutions and achieve a more stable approach to your problems. The tiger eye stone helps enhance your intentions making your life more gainful while receiving the rewards of living a happy life. A dull and unfulfilled life can be a thing of the past.

Instead, you will thrive, and your emotional state will reach heights you never thought possible. Even emotions of loneliness will no longer be a worry.

While in an elevated state of optimism, confidence, and happiness, you will begin to attract the things you want in life. You may find your mental health at its peak as you live life in a tranquil, serene, and peace-filled state.

Physical Healing Properties

The physical healing properties this stone can provide are also quite favorable. It can boost energy, improve blood flow, and even help to stimulate digestion.

In addition, you can quickly ease headaches and allergy symptoms with this dynamic gemstone.

Perhaps one of the most impressive properties is that it can aid in fast recovery from certain illnesses such as the flu, common cold, and pneumonia. Of course, it needs to be positioned on specific parts of the body.

Your endocrine system will also thank you for wearing this fascinating stone. It can assist in bringing it back into balance while also boosting your metabolism. As a result, your system can be stronger overall and better protected against illnesses.

It can aid in ridding the body of lethargic or sluggish feelings due to its vitalizing, bold energy. You will feel more revitalized, lively, and ready to take on life.

Some individuals find relief from severe tiredness or dizzy spells from a tiger eye bracelet. It can bring strength to your bones which can also provide more energy. Your entire body will feel refreshed, and your physical health will improve. Other incredible benefits from this stone include:

  • Relief from mental illnesses

  • Helping to regulate the digestive system

  • Relieves sciatica

  • Aids in healing skin diseases

  • Alleviates neck pain

  • Can combat allergy symptoms and respiratory problems

  • Aids in vision relief

  • Can ease nosebleeds

  • Can remove muscle blockages

  • Keeps bones strong

  • Heals muscles

Many believe this majestic stone can also ward off curses of illness or ill-will against your health. This way, it serves as an effective shield from evil wishes or sinister intentions that someone may place upon you. With this protection, you are sure to remain in optimal physical health.

Spiritual Healing Properties

When your chakras are out of alignment, things can take a turn for the worst within your life. The tiger eye stone can realign your chakra and help to restore your inner and outer world into a reposeful balance.

The solar plexus chakra is most associated with the tiger eye stone. An imbalanced solar plexus can produce feelings of losing control. Your inner world will feel like it is in disarray, and your outer world will reflect this.

However, the tiger eye stone's bold energy will help restore your desire for motivation and intention. As a result, you can connect to your inner power to become stronger, and consequently, life will begin to realign positively.

Healing the solar plexus chakra requires the use of yellow gemstones, making the tiger eye gemstone an ideal item to have in your life.

It also works beautifully for those who practice daily meditation. This magnificent stone assists in helping to maintain focus during your mantra or guided visuals. You can find yourself much more grounded and centralized.

tiger eye bracelets for men celebrities

Tiger Eye Bracelet

More people than ever before recognize the advantages of the tiger eye bracelet. This includes both emotional and physical benefits for those who wear the stone.

Celebrities are just a few individuals who sport these unique gemstone bracelets. For example, Liam Hemsworth, Joe Jonas, and Kris Allen are just a few men who enjoy pairing a tiger eye gemstone bracelet with their outfits.

This wonderful bracelet accentuates any style and can help change the world around you. The tiger eye stone bracelet assists you in accessing the most significant parts of yourself to enhance your life and well-being.

Often, we cannot live the life we want due to external situations surrounding us, causing an imbalance in our emotions.

A tiger eye bracelet can spark change and fuel your energies to work towards your desired life. You can expect a noticeable increase in confidence and determination when you wear tiger eye. Plus, you may get a boost of positivity also.

How To Wear a Tiger Eye Bracelet

Believe it or not, there is a specific way to use and wear a tiger eye bracelet. As with any stone or crystal, this can make a huge difference in how you receive its abilities.

In mystical lore, each hand has a different effect when you wear tiger eye. You need to decide which benefits you would like to get from them, as each hand has a very different meaning. Namely, the left hand is the receptive hand, and the right one is the giving hand.

Being the receptive hand, wearing a tiger eye bracelet on your left wrist allows you to accept the stone's abilities. Your left side is also related to healing and your inner world. So, it would enable it to keep away any negative energy.

You will be receiving positive energy and great luck due to wearing it on your left hand.

Alternatively, wearing it on the giving hand will ultimately avoid the transfer of negative energies. Instead, you will have the ability to release them, with this bracelet acting as a barrier of protection.

It can also help you become more motivated and develop a sense of initiative. In addition, you will become more loving and calm within your surroundings.

In Conclusion

You can do so much with tiger eye. You can strengthen your innermost potential, achieve optimum success, or increase your positivity. The tiger eye bracelet truly is everything you could ever want and need.

It has a natural ability to block out negative energy and improve your overall sense of well-being. This can help you focus on what is important in your life, aiding in optimal success and happiness.

The tiger eye bracelet will endlessly encourage you to face life with bravery and a deep trust that everything will work out for your greater good.

This magnificent bracelet can help you achieve inner peace no matter the situation. Things you may have felt are out of reach will become possible because your inner world can and will become what you dream of from this stone.


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