James Bond NATO Straps

James Bond NATO Straps

It is probably the most asked question we get. Sometimes even coming as a critique that we named a strap the wrong way. In the end, what’s in a name, right? But still, it is an interesting topic to finally get out of the way.  

bond nato strap

There are 2 James Bond Nato Watch Straps

The real one, the original or called by most and also by us, the Vintage James Bond strap. It originates from the movie Goldfinger from 1964. 

Bond was wearing his Rolex Submariner as you can see in the picture below. He changed the standard strap to a Nylon one in order to make it fit over his diving suit. As you “clearly” see the colors were Black with Green stripes with Red thin borders.

bond nato strap

The reason it was picked up with different colors was only because of old televisions and the colors were less visible. At least, that’s how the story goes. Cause if you now look at the Goldfinger movie, which has been improved colorwise, you can see it in the first two minutes. 

Now, the original one is called Vintage in our store, and we love it. It’s spicy and very visible. It matches really well with all different kinds of watches. Diver watches, dress watches, and chronographs. 

The better known James Bond Nato Strap

The less original, but still called James Bond Nato Strap without any add-on names like original or vintage, has the colors Black with 2 grey stripes. As you can see below. 

best bond nato strap

We couldn’t find a picture of James wearing this Nato Strap, as he clearly didn’t. This is, however, the most sold James Bond nato strap. Not only by us, but in history since James wore his Rolex in 1964. 

It’s a bit less flashy and less in your face. Fit for every occasion. Personally I wear this one too. I do sometimes switch as that makes a nato watch strap awesome, but the James Bond one is my go-to nato strap. 

I am curious what’s yours? Which James Bond strap do you prefer? Or you prefer a totally different color scheme?


bond nato strap best



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