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golf bracelet

Golf bracelet

Golf bracelet

I have enjoyed golfing ever since I was in my twenties. It quickly became my most favorite sports together with tennis. This means aside from playing also spending hours and hours of watching golf.

And every time I saw the pros playing, I was wondering what bracelets they wore. So I couldn’t resist as a men’s bracelet brand owner to dive into it. Let me share my learnings with you.

What Is a Golf Bracelet?

If you’re a golf lover, you've seen golfers wearing these slim bracelets around their wrists. You may have wondered what they were for, and I’m here to tell you that the people who were them have a good reason! Golf bracelets have been on the market in some form or another for over sixty years. Today, they come in a variety of metals, including:

  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Hematite
  • Ferrite
  • Neodymium

Ancient people believed contact with particular metals would help ease discomfort. This included general aches and pains and more acute maladies, such as arthritis. The science behind this doesn’t necessarily find it to be true, but even a placebo effect can help with small discomforts.

Most of the metals on this list have enhanced magnetic properties to affect the ions in your body. You've probably heard players at your course talking about Negative Ion golf bracelets. They're the most well-known, but that is essentially what all golf bracelets are. 

Copper golf bracelets, however, are worn with the hopes that the metal's properties will be absorbed through your skin when you sweat and absorbed into your body. Unfortunately, copper has the bad habit of leaving a nasty green mark on your skin. The health benefits may be worth a little residue.

Researchers at the University of York in the UK didn't find a significant difference between the group receiving placebos and the group wearing the actual copper itself. According to Complementary Therapies in Medicine, this applies to magnetic golf bracelets.

On the other hand, neodymium has different conclusions. This metal is prominent in the medical world and affects the body's tissues, organs, muscles, and skeleton. Don't get too excited, though; the research remains sparse at best.

Regardless of what the studies show, many golfers swear by golf bracelets. They'll tell you their wrists or elbows no longer hurt and their tendonitis is significantly better. Golf bracelets may not have scientific backup, but I think they work. Since getting a golf bracelet, I've experienced very little of that old ache in my elbow. You just can't argue with results like that.

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Golf Pros Wearing Golf Bracelets

Even the pros can be seen wearing a golf bracelet. Many professional golfers will wear golf bracelets to improve their game. The bracelets reduce their fatigue and lower any pain they may be experiencing. Keep an eye out the next time you're watching the U.S. Open or the PGA Championship.

Lexi Thompson recently wore a negative ion golf bracelet during the 2022 U.S. Women's open event. Kenny Perry sported a golf bracelet after winning a PGA tour. Sometimes it's little things like this that can make or break golfers when they're under pressure. Even if there are no real health benefits, having a little extra something can get your head in the game.

I may not be a pro out on the course, but I know that since wearing my golf bracelet, my discomfort has gone down. Now I can focus on what's important: improving my swing and daydreaming about what it would be like if I were winning the U.S. Open.

Golf as a Metaphor for Life

Golf is more than just a sport for me. It represents my journey through life. Golf expresses the small victories, the great celebrations, and all of the struggles we experience along the way. It takes me back to all of the weekends that I spent playing with my dad, so it's about family too.

A Journey

I always start a new game full of optimism, the sun shining in my face, confident that absolutely nothing could go wrong. Midway through the game, after I've played several rounds, I'm usually rethinking that. By then, I’ve seen balls miss their mark and had my swing be completely off.

But that doesn't mean that I give up. Instead, I transition to an interesting middling point. I dig in my heels and refuse to give up. I get my ball out of the sand, buckle down, focus on my game, and make the absolute best out of it. That’s how I get through life, too; when the going gets tough, I just keep swinging.

If I'm lucky enough to spend the day with a beloved family member, colleague, or new friend, I get to experience this unique journey with someone else. Together, we make memories along the way, sharing stories and swapping advice. And when I look down at my golf bracelet, I'm reminded of those times.

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Golf Bracelet Fashion

When I think about golf bracelets, I flashback to the early 2000s when similar items were in fashion. Those were chunky monstrosities that teenagers and early 20-somethings wore. If that’s a concern, I'm here to tell you that you won't have to worry about being mistaken for a fan on their way to a Creed concert. Fashion and design have come a long way since then.

Today's golf bracelets can be streamlined, sleek, elegant, or minimalist with a thicker band. They're not ostentatious and flashy, but subtle addition to your wardrobe that speaks to class and elegance.

They're fashionable, but not trendy. What this means is that you can pair them with virtually anything in your wardrobe. Your golf bracelet will be as perfect an addition to your formal wear as it is to what you wear to the country club. Still, you won’t look as though you’re trying too hard to follow current fashion trends.

The best part about golf bracelets for me is that I can wear them wherever I go. My wife used to complain that I had no sense of fashion, but even she has to admit that my golf bracelet makes any outfit look put together. I hardly even notice that it’s there anymore; not only is it discreet for viewers, but it’s also discreet for wearers as well.

I've been wearing the golf bracelet I bought from Chibuntu daily. I hardly ever take it off anymore. Their bracelets capture the kind of minimalist fashion that speaks to me; it's not just an accessory, but a representation of my entire lifestyle. With golf being such an important part of my life, it's awesome to have found a company that speaks to my heart so eloquently.

Limited Edition Golf Bracelet

One thing I wanted to highlight is the recent Limited Edition Golf bracelet you guys designed. Totally in love with them. I am now combining a black minimal twisted bracelet with the golf bracelet and it looks stunning. It's the first time I wear silver and get a ton of compliments. So I might be looking at other bracelets now too. :-)

To conclude

Golf bracelets were never something that I thought I would include in my wardrobe. After spending time out on the course and talking with more experienced players that swore by them, I decided to try them out myself.

I can’t say for sure whether or not the science backs them up because I think that doesn’t give you the whole picture. But one thing is sure, when I wear mine, I know that I'm bumping my outfit up to the next level by adding an extra layer of style and sophistication to my outfit, but also reminding myself exactly what life is all about. To enjoy the little precious moments my with my loved one. Sharing 18 holes, a good lunch and a nice talk together.

Golf is a big part of my present, and future. How is this for you?

And what do you think about the Golf bracelets? Do they work? How does it help you in your mindset?

Guest post written by David, HCP 21 and into fashion.

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Recently bought your golf bracelet, never taking it off. Just a nice reference to my biggest passion. Love it!

Joris van W.

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