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Article: Surfer Bracelet

surfer bracelet

Surfer Bracelet

Surfing is more than a hobby—it’s something you do to feel alive and connected to the world. I’m someone who loves to travel and surf. Testing international waters helps me feel connected.

I found that being away from the water disrupted my internal harmony. When I started wearing a surfer bracelet, it served as a subtle reminder of the ocean and the world’s connection.

What Is a Surfer Bracelet?

A surfer bracelet is a meaningful piece of jewelry surfers wear to remember their passion even when they’re away from the water. However, you don’t have to be a surfer to appreciate these bracelets. They can remind you of the power of the ocean even if you’re not one to catch waves in your free time.

History of Surfer Bracelets 

Evidence of surfing traces back to more than 4,000 years ago in Peru. Archaeologists found woven reed vessels somewhat resembling surfboards. Explorers recorded descriptions of surfing in the late 1700s when visiting Polynesia. It became a significant part of Hawaiian culture years before people adopted it as a hobby.

Surfing caught on throughout the United States in the late 1800s. At that time, many surfers started tying bits of rope around their wrists and ankles as reminders of their experiences. Surfers would often attach found shells or wood to the string.

How Are Surfer Bracelets Made?

Historically, surfers made surfer bracelets from a maritime sailing rope. Sailors use this durable nylon cord for boat rigging. Since it’s so sturdy, surfers love how the bracelet holds up in the water, waves, and under the sun. You don’t have to worry about wear and tear on a surfer bracelet. Attach them to your wrist with double knots to adjust or remove them for an event.

Surfer bracelet design changed over the years. Now you can find surfer bracelets with charms, shells, or beads knotted onto the rope. The charms represent surfing and the ocean, while the shells come from beaches around the world. Many beads contain sand, tethering you to the beach even when you’re miles away.


Surf Pros Wearing Surfer Bracelets

Many well-known surf pros wear surfer bracelets. While many professionals only wear a waterproof watch in the ocean, you’re likely to see photos of them sporting surfer bracelets on the beach and when they’re doing press.

Italo Ferreira is a Brazilian Olympic gold medalist surfer who has also competed in the World Championship Tour sponsored by the World Surf League. You can catch a glimpse of his surfer bracelets on his profile picture for his Red Bull partnership.

Filipe Toledo is a Brazilian professional surfer with an Instagram profile. On his posts, you can see his stunning accessories, including surfer bracelets.

Griffin Colapinto is a California surfer who made a name for himself before hitting it big. Now a professional athlete, he’s frequently photographed wearing a stack of surfer bracelets.

Conner Coffin is a professional surfer from Santa Barbara who often sports an assortment of surfer bracelets. You can see pictures of how classy and minimalist the jewelry looks on his Instagram.

Surfing as a Metaphor for Life

Being a surfer doesn’t mean you must scream your passion from the rooftops. You don’t need to wear shirts promoting surf brands or have a sticker of a surfboard on your car. Wearing a surfer bracelet is a subtle way to remember who you are. The bracelet looks classic and stylish in all situations, but you’ll know its true meaning when you glance at it.

Many surfers don’t just love the ocean—they love what surfing means in their life. While you can hone your skills on the water and learn how to handle even the most challenging waves, you’re still not guaranteed to ace each wave. This approach translates to a powerful metaphor in life.

In the ocean, you can’t control everything. You can do all you can to get in the proper position and prepare yourself for a wave, but you can’t control the water itself. You can’t control what happens when the water hits you or how the wind might change the scope of the wave at the last second.

Surfing teaches you that you can’t control that type of circumstance. All you can control is your initial approach and your reaction. You can prepare yourself to get in the water and ensure you have all the equipment you need. And you can brace yourself for that wave heading your way.

Once the wave passes, whether you caught it or are spitting out salt water, all you can control is your reaction. You might beat yourself up because you missed it. You might feel angry that you were ready, and if only the wave had waited five more seconds, you would have grabbed it. That’s all up to you. 

You’ll feel the most peace if you accept what happened and get ready for the next wave. That’s why surfing is such a perfect metaphor for life. You can get an education and apply for your ideal job. You can work hard and earn a promotion. But when the company folds, you have to decide if you’re angry, resentful, or ready to jump back in and find your next career.

The way you prepare yourself and react to circumstances also relates to your mindset. Surfing requires a positive mindset with a focus on what’s going to happen next. You don’t need to worry about the past or future—you need to focus on the present moment. This wisdom will serve you well in your daily life as well as on the ocean.

The ocean itself is a metaphor for life. You don’t know what’s going to happen in the ocean. The water might look peaceful one moment, and then a storm is quickly approaching the next. So it goes in life as well. You can have a path in mind and work to achieve those goals, but something will come along and throw you off course, often with little to no warning.

You’re just one surfer in the ocean and a single person on Earth. Your life is important to you and your loved ones, but it pales in comparison to the entire globe. Giving yourself the grace to acknowledge how expansive the universe truly is can empower you to take risks that would normally feel insurmountable.

Something might seem like a major challenge to you—changing your career, going back to school, or starting a family. When you shift your focus to think about what impact this change will make on the overall world, you’ll realize that countless people make these choices every day. It will help you understand the scale of your choice—and the possibilities it opens for you.

At the moment, it might be tough to remember that you can see any setback as a fresh start. You might get too in your head and not visualize the broader scope. Wearing a surfer bracelet is a visual reminder. You can look at your wrist and know that you have to get back up when something knocks you down, whether it’s your job, a relationship, your health, or the ocean.

Surfer Bracelet Fashion

The idea behind a surfer bracelet is minimalism. This concept doesn’t mean you’re limited to wearing just one bracelet at a time. Many men love to mix and match bracelets, stacking them up to create a unique look that holds a lot of meaning.

Rather, the minimalism focuses on the bracelet itself. If you’re catching waves, you don’t want to wear a piece of priceless jewelry you might lose in the water. Wearing a simple string or beaded bracelet means you won’t feel heartbroken if it washes away.

Yes, these bracelets can be important because of the meaning they hold. However, an essential piece of these bracelets is what they represent. You can always find another surfer bracelet that signifies the ocean and your experience. As a benefit, you’ll now have an amazing story to tell about why you had to get a new bracelet.

This minimalist idea applies to the overall surf look, so if you want to give off a surfer vibe, consider adapting your style. When you’re not in the water, you can sport board shorts, sandals, and simple t-shirts. For cool beach nights, throw a flannel over your tee, and you won’t get chilled by the breeze.

Accessories are typically limited to stylish sunglasses and the aforementioned surfer bracelets. You can also wear necklaces, but it’s best that they complement your surfer bracelets. That means you don’t want to wear a gold chain into the water. The root of all surfer style is that you’re ready to head into the ocean at a moment’s notice. Keep it simple, and you’ll fit right in.


Bracelets are not only a stylish accessory but a way to share an important memory or purpose in your life. Choosing a high-quality surfer bracelet from Chibuntu shows the world your passion and love for the ocean. Our brand helps you convey your interests in a stylish, meaningful manner.

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