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Article: Negative Energy Ring & Bracelet

ring that breaks with negative energy

Negative Energy Ring & Bracelet

Break Negative Energy & The Ring

Dealing with other people’s negative energy can be a pain in the ass. Before we dive into the Negative Energy Ring, the Bracelet and the Mindset to break with negative energy, first a personal story about negative energy.

I once worked with a guy that was literally walking around with a dark, looming cloud hanging over his shoulders. While we celebrated hitting sales targets on a Friday afternoon, he played our success down. He’d be constantly complaining about every small thing and expecting everyone else to fix the problem for him. Even then he wasn’t happy! He was very critical and untrusting of people, which made business meetings and signing new clients extremely difficult! 

Once, we had a discussion meeting and after talking to him for only 30 minutes, I felt exhausted, and like something had just sucked the life out of me. I started to realize that I needed an action plan on how to deal with this negative energy. After all, he isn’t the only negative person I’m going to encounter in life and if I wanted to keep my job (and sanity!), I needed strategies.  

What is negative energy & how does it affect me?

Everyone gives off some sort of ‘energy’ based on their thoughts, emotions, and actions. People that think, say and do negative things give off bad, negative vibes which can make the people around them feel drained and miserable. 

However, it’s important to figure out if they are sucking your energy as a cry for help. If so, you might have to practice some patience, offer a listening ear and take this person with a pinch of salt as they work through their tough issues. 

But if this person is just in a permanent state of misery, then it’s an inherent personality trait and they’re not going to be changing to suit you and your needs any time soon. They focus more on their own problems rather than solutions. In fact, sometimes they don’t even want to fix themselves or their problems, they would rather throw a self-pity party and invite everyone down to join them. 

So if they’re not going to change, you have to change how you deal with the negative energy to fight against this harmful energy and stop yourself from losing your shit.

How do you break with negative energy?

I wanted to touch upon two different angles of dealing with negative energy. On the one hand two tools that can help you break negative energy; the negative energy ring and the bracelet. As a second tool I would like to mention your own mindset. Curious if you can add more ways to break with negative energy.

ring that breaks with negative energy

Bracelet & Ring that break with Negative Energy

There are negative energy rings and natural gemstones bracelets that can help with breaking negative energy. No matter how demoralising your environment is, this will be that little silent aid that’s always with you.

There are two specific products, a bracelet and a ring that breaks with negative energy which I would like to highlight. This opinion and advice is of course just ours, so go test things out for yourself. We would love to hear your input in the comments as well. 

Negative Energy Ring

The hematite negative energy ring is said to ground and protect. If you are surrounded by a ton of negativity and negative people, then wearing this can help you stay grounded. Stay true to yourself letting the negativity slide off like it’s nothing. It’s a healing stone, balancing your chakras, bringing together body, mind and soul.

The negative energy ring is strengthening your connection with the earth, which leads to a more secure feeling. Untouchable we don’t know, but we do love the input we got from tons of people wearing them. 

Aside from the material effects, it’s also a great daily reminder always with you so you stay present, so you stay conscious. We have worn the Morchic Negative Energy Ring ourselves for quite some time. Go check it out on Amazon here and find out for yourself. Leave a comment below and share your experience. 

 negative energy ring and bracelets

Negative Energy Bracelet

We absolutely love the negative energy protection coming from the Black Onyx Bracelet. We first of all fell in love with how it looks, and similar to the negative energy ring we found out it protects against that unwanted energy in our lives. 

Black Onyx is said to absorb and change the negative energy coming your way, or the negative energy already within you. It helps you bend it to positive energy. 

We have written a complete article about Black Onyx bracelet and its meaning here. Go check it out. Or immediately have a look at our Black Onyx Bracelet here. A great design combined with the positive of effects that deal with negative energy.

Your Mindset breaks with negative energy

Three ways that your mindset and actions can help break with negative energy.

1. Give yourself some breathing space.

If you feel like you’re about to go all Jackie Chan on this dude, it’s time to get out. Leave the room, give yourself some space and breathe. Don’t worry about appearing ‘rude’, leaving the room calmly is more polite than throwing them a punch in the face. 

2. Respond, don’t react

If, for some reason, you can’t leave (maybe it’s your partner who is being a negative nuisance), mindfully respond to their negative comments and emotions rather than instinctually reacting with anger and frustration. Ask them how they plan on solving their problems or how they can make themselves feel better. You’ll soon notice that they’ll either stop wanting to talk about it or will change the subject.

3. Don’t get sucked into their crap

In one day, you only have a limited resource of energy. How and who you give that energy to matters. If this energy-sucking vampire comes along and steals your energy, you’ll have nothing left to give to the people that really matter at the end of the day - your family. 

Having an emotional detachment from this person and their nonsense helps you reserve your energy supply. Don’t let them feed off you. Focus on you, your purpose, your goals and winning at life even if there are people around you that want to see you fall. 

negative energy ring

In conclusion

If you need some extra motivation to keep a positive mindset and a prompt to keep calm and focused, Chibuntu bracelets can serve as that reminder that you are not responsible for these people and their happiness. Our bracelets cheer you on to keep striving for your goals and aspirations, even when others aren’t. 

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I both bought the negative energy ring and the black onyx bracelet. It definitely made me more conscious while being in the office dealing with the nonsense and negative energy around me. Thanks for this short and to the point article. My mindset for sure changed.


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