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Orange Bracelets

Orange has a special meaning for many people. Being a blend between yellow and red, it’s a mixture of happiness and energy, chi. It’s a color that represents joy, creativity and great health.

Within the Chakra Bracelet it means a great balance between sexuality, pleasure and creativity. Who wouldn’t want that to be in perfect balance?

Orange Bracelet cause

Because of the representation of great health it is many times used to support causes around mental health. To us it’s a reminder to make sure you treat yourself well. That you put yourself first in order to be able to share and give. Fill you own bucket, so that the overflow can be given to your loved ones around you.

A vibrant color used to create minimal men’s bracelets you can wear anywhere, anytime. Waterproof, durable and above all with a grand meaning.

What does the orange bracelet mean to you?