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meaning of the red string bracelet

Red Bracelet Meaning

Red Bracelet Meaning

Have you heard about the Lucky Red String Bracelet before?

I had mostly heard stories of celebrities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, wearing it. I think I knew it had to do with Kabbalism, but pretty sure Leo didn’t feel that specific connection. As a result, I dived into the meaning of it a bit more, and this is what I found.

It has a lot of other spiritual and cultural connections as well. Let me tell you about it. Or directly check out our Red Bracelets and find the style you like the most. 

meaning red bracelet

Kabbalism/Judaism Red Bracelet

The biblical connection is found in Genesis 38. Tamar’s midwife put a scarlet thread on her first twin son by Judah, Zarah when he stuck his hand out first. Some Christians believe it’s a parallel to the blood of Christ and a symbol of redemption.

In Kabbalism, the red bracelet is believed to ward off misfortune and the “evil eye” attracting good luck in its place.

The traditional Kabbalah string is made from scarlet wool. It is worn on the left wrist and knotted seven times while the knotting prayer is recited. The left side of the spiritual body is believed to be the one that receives energy.

If you want to read more specifically about the Kabbalah Red Bracelet, then check out this recent article we wrote.

Hinduism Red Bracelet

The red string has several meanings in Hinduism. It is for good luck and protection bracelet as well as feeling a loving connection to others. It’s worn on the left wrist with married women. On men and unmarried women, it is worn on the right.

One red-yellow version of it is called a Kautuka. It is used mainly for protection against bad luck. It is tied on ceremonially by a Hindu priest or the oldest family member of the devotee. It can also be tied around sacred objects, such as a vessel, during a rite-of-passage or a Yajna ceremony. The second is a Vedic sacred fire ceremony.

Buddhism Red Bracelet

In Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, a Lama-a Buddhist head teacher and leader-ceremonially blesses and ties a red strings bracelet around a student or practitioner. It is usually to represent completion of the vows and/or at the end of a retreat. It is also said to offer protection and bring good luck, so similar to the above.

The Buddhist Lucky Red String Bracelet is often braided to represent the endless knot. The knot represents the interconnection between all things and events in perfect harmony with the Universe. It also represents the cycle of Samsara, which each soul repeats eternally until it’s Liberation.

Ancient Chinese and Japanese Red Bracelets

The famous Red Thread of Fate is believed to be an invisible, ethereal thread that connects the lives of everyone who will cross paths.

It is most often associated with the marriage god, Yue Lao, as it is said to be particularly vibrant between those who are destined to marry.

However, it is also believed to be equally vibrant between two people who meet and feel especially connected to each other. The invisible yarn can stretch and contract but never break. The ancient Chinese believed that the red thread bracelets is tied around the ankle. The ancient Japanese, on the pinkie.

Pretty cool, right?

The connection part really matches our value Real Connection. Cause so many relationships are based on just an expression of two ego’s, we like that the lucky red string bracelet shows a true connection between two or more people. Like friendship bracelets, but then with a deeper meaning.

There are also tons of couples wearing the Chibuntu Red Bracelets. Have a look here for our matching Couple Bracelets.

red bracelet protection

How to Properly Wear a Red String Bracelet?

Know that only true red string bracelets are considered to be correct, and also the only ones that really steal the show. We also therefore only create red bracelets that are totally, undeniably, red. :-)

Now, going back to good old Leo, he is wearing the truly Red Bracelet, and as we understood, he got it while being in Cambodia. He got it after donating to a monk and should bring luck. 

So DiCaprio definitely wears it as a lucky bracelet. We like his style, his movies. Have you ever spotted a lucky red string bracelet on any other celeb? Let us know below!

Now, normally you should wear one on the left, but we don’t follow the rules, so many times see it worn on the right as well. 

You can wear it next to a watch as well, as you see here in some pictures from the Chibuntu Club, gotten from our Instagram profile where we get tagged many times. 

To conclude, how do you wear your red string bracelet? Do you believe it brings luck? Or you just like the looks of it?

Let us know and we might add your picture on our Instagram, or here.


I wear mine on my right wrist and tbh I have totally faith no matter what 100% it’s worked for me always. It’s your all in your faith. It works. Always put it on with good intentions and pray on it.


very interesting to me ….

since before I wanted to buy something like this because it was so light to me, feels concouisness, really mysterious in my eyes💙💖❤


I wear my red bracelet on my right arm me and my daughter he brings me joy happy and he keeps evil spirit away from me and I’m so happy you have to try it to believe it I believe right left arm it shouldn’t matter I don’t let nobody touch it because I don’t want a spirit with my son when people ask me can I touch it tell them now they could just look at it


I love wearing bracelets and of course the lucky red string bracelet as well. It is an eyecatcher and while easy recognized by others, it is often the beginning of a good conversation. And getting in touch with others is also kind of luck.


I definitely do wear a red bracelet, together with my whole family we wear one on the left wrist. Just gives a feeling of connection. We like it and it is very common in Spain.

Manuel Galán

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Red Bracelet Meaning

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