Watch types explained

Real men know their art, their craft, and their passion. The Mona Lisa is awesome, but a great watch can change your life. With our Watches 101, we would like to raise your level of nerdy watch knowledge, starting with the types here and the styles later.

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The story of the Nato Strap

It was dark and a bit stormy. I could hear the waves crashing onto the beach. Felt like it was getting high-tide as there was so much volume and power behind the waves breaking. It made me shiver, nervous. I was on a mission though, an important one. I couldn’t lose myself in my emotions. Emotions are what you have, not who you are. I kept saying to myself: “I am a warrior. I can do this.”

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G10 Nato Strap History

If you love watches, you’ve heard about Nato Straps. If not, then finally this is the day. The day to find out about the history of the nato strap. The day that you get introduced to the most comfortable, strong and fun strap that the watch world has to offer. A strap that makes your customize your pride, from a luxury watch like a Rolex Submariner to a good old Seiko.

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