kabbalah bracelets

Kabbalah Bracelets

Are you wondering, "what is a kabbalah bracelet?" Recently a friend of mine asked me about my Red Original Bracelet, also known as the Kabbalah bra...

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indian agate meaning

Indian Agate Meaning

Indian Agate is one of the oldest good luck and healing stones. Agate's use in jewelry dates back to Biblical Babylonian times. Read about the prop...

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James Bond NATO Straps

It is probably the most asked question we get. Sometimes even coming as a critique that we named a strap the wrong way. In the end, what’s in a nam...

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Bali Bracelets Meaning

During the Balinese New Year, there are tons of rituals and the night before, the last day of the year, there is The Bhuta Yajna Ritual. A processi...

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What's in a name? Chibuntu®

Chibuntulife, a life where creating your own epic life while doing good in this world come together. A life where everything is possible. Where co...

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Watch types explained

Watch types explained

Real men know their art, their craft, and their passion. The Mona Lisa is awesome, but a great watch can change your life. With our Watches 101, we...

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The story of the Nato Strap

It was dark and a bit stormy. I could hear the waves crashing onto the beach. Felt like it was getting high-tide as there was so much volume and p...

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